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  1. I honestly don't care if you think that my responses are rude to be honest. I think that the advice is wrong to be honest.
  2. Please don't treat me like I am dumb. I know what unbiased means. And I will on doing what I am doing
  3. I have tried the old number but the call just goes to her voicemail. I did it with both of my cell phones. And I did it from my home phone as well because I thought that those two numbers might have been blocked and she doesn't have my home phone number and it goes straight to voicemail as well. That just tells me that that actual phone is actually turned off and not turn on. And I do think that that guy got her phone and sent that text message without her knowledge. The purpose of this thread was to see what's up with that phone. I don't know if that phone is actually hers or her friend. Do you know what I mean? She did text me from that phone for a couple of days after that incident and she did tell me that she had a new phone and she was also texting me on Snap Chat. She did call me on Snap Chat today and she is doing okay. And she did send me some pictures from her new number and that wasn't the same number as before. So, I am assuming that the other number had to be the friend's number.
  4. How do I know that she doesn't text her friend and family for days? I looked at her Facebook and her family and friends post messages about it. And I am in contact with a person that helped raise her while we were growing up and she always ask me if she texted me or not. So, that's how I know about that. Yes I am happy about that. I don't always text people when they send me texts or messages. That doesn't mean that she is hiding anything from me or her friend and family. And I assumed things when that other guy posted that text to me. And what if she was telling me the truth. I jumped to an conclusion before I asked her what was going on. And I am not in the dark about anything at all. And I don't find it ridiculous that she did that to that guy over the phone with me. If someone is lying about something and you came to me saying that this person said that and it wasn't true, I would have done the same thing to be honest.
  5. She doesn't text other people for days as well. I am not the only person she does that to as well. She does that with her own family. And there is no other guy in the picture to be honest.
  6. Actually no one is giving biased opinions that I dont like
  7. I want someone's unbiased opinion. Not one person in here has given me their unbiased opinion to be honest. The second thread was more about what's going on with the number and the first thread was about my feelings towards her. The two people that answered the first thread said things that were completely wrong to be honest. And I feel like these opinions are wrong as well. She has not done any of the things that everyone has claimed that she would do at all.
  8. I am here because I had a problem about the numbers to be honest. Everything that I have done has worked to be honest. Have I been in a abusive relationship before? Yes I have and I totally disagree with you about what you said about relationships. You are so wrong about. What works for one person might not work for another. So, please don't say that type of stuff okay. I don't need any type of warnings from you
  9. I am not in any type of denial to be honest.
  10. There is no denial on my part at all. Come on now. I am not fooling myself or anything else like that.
  11. She is paying for the trip. I have not given her any money at all. And I think that you are wrong as well. She hasn't talked to this freidn since she told him to leave her alone. I am not living some kind of lala land at all to be honest. And I will wait until December because you are very wrong. And I will come back and put a picture of both of us.
  12. She is divorced. She is not in any type of relationship. She does not have a boyfriend or anything like that.
  13. And I have to disagree with you on that as well. Thank you for your opinion
  14. And once again, I don't think you know what you are talking about to be honest. If you honestly gave me some unbiased advice, I would have listened to what you had to say but you didn't. You can think whatever you think about me. I think your advice is wrong to be honest. She just called me right now and we just planned for her to come and see me in December like we planned.
  15. Wiseman2, She doesn't have a boyfriend. I believe her when she says that.
  16. MissCanuck, I have to disagree with you on that. The reason I am saying that is because when we first started talking again, she needed someone in her life to help her out. She was in a low place and I told myself if I ever found her, I would be there for her. She just got out of a bad marriage where her ex mentally abused and controlled her. She has grown so much in the year and half since we have started talking again. I just can't abandon someone like that. You know what I mean? Maybe she needs someone stable in her life. Do you understand what I mean? Someone that can show her that things will get better for her. And she has been there for me as well. Do I think that whatever is happening with her is messy? No I don't. This is the only problem that we have had since we started talking again. Do I think that it is a problem? No. Do I think that there are people who are going to try to control her again? Yes I do. I mean this guy friend if hers tried to control her like her ex. If I took your advice and let her go and I find out that something seriously happened to her or she got seriously hurt, I would feel so bad because I wasn't there for her. Do you know what I mean? I have been looking for her for 30 years and I have to find out if this will work. If it doesn't work, then I would know and I would move on with my life. Do you know what I mean? Has she lied to me? I don't think so at all. I mean she knows that she doesn't want to be controlled anymore or have any type of mental abuse again in her life. I mean we are supposed to help people when they are in trouble. Not say forget it and move on and have them go back to the problem. Do you know what I mean? When we were growing up, she helped me through a difficult time doing that time period and she didn't turn her back on me. I owe her for helping me back in day. I am not going to turn my back on her when she's going through a difficult time. Do you know what I mean?
  17. Billie28, Did you even read my posts at all. I mean you just picked and choose what you wanted to read and commented instead of be objective. If you read my posts, I said that we were texting each other via our numbers and Snap Chat. We have always texted each other, called each other and FaceTimed each other. Yes, she is still my friend on Facebook. She is not still married. I checked and she got divorced in 2018. When she called me, I did hear a male voice on the other end. I have to disagree with you on everything that you wrote to be honest. That isn't me being naive or whatever. Or that I do like her. I am thinking this through with a clear head right now. Just because someone uses Snapchat, that doesn't mean some is cheating or whatever. I snapchat with other friends. I have to disagree with you on that to be honest. But thank you for your opinion though.
  18. I have forgotten to mention some things after rereading my post. Since we have been texting each other, she has told me that she loves it when I text her and she has told me that she rereads my texts for motivation. She always tells me that I am good to her and she loves the way I treat her. She was in a controlling marriage and she doesn't want to be controlled anymore. Her ex mentally abused her. I know that she appreciates me. I don't know if that is her number or the guy's number since it is a different area code from her old number. She did tell me that she had a new number. I don't want to assume things at all. I do believe what she tells me and she hasn't done anything to make me doubt her at all. I mean I don't think that she would just come and do something to make me doubt her.
  19. I have been talking to my crush from church about a year and a half now. I haven't seen her in 30 years and I found her on Facebook in 2019. Everything is going well between her and I so far. Last week, we were talking on Snap Chat and she sent me a picture on Snap Chat and I asked her to text me that picture. She did text me the picture from a different number. I thought that new number was hers, so I started to text her to that number. After a couple of days, I asked her if she was doing okay and I get a text saying that this was her boyfriend and she was doing okay. I was like what? I became sad because I didn't know that she was talking to someone else and that she had a boyfriend. So, I sent her a message on Snap Chat saying that I was sad and why come she didn't tell me that she had a boyfriend. And I told her that I was going to step back and I hope that he treated her well and treat her like a queen and I told her that I wouldn't be texting her back and I left her a voicemail stating the same thing. About 3 hours later, she sent me a text once she got off work and asked me what's going on. And I told her about the text that I got earlier and she stated that this guy wasn't her boyfriend at all. He was just a friend from her ex-husband he was trying to control her. She called me and I heard her tell him that she wasn't his girlfriend. We talked for awhile and she asked me if she can come and see me and I said yes. We planned for her to come to see me in October. On Monday, she asked me if she can come and see me in December instead of October and I said of course she can. I was still texting her new number and on Tuesday or Wednesday, my number was blocked on the new number. I have cell phone for work and I decided to text the number from that and today, my work cell phone is blocked as well. I don't know if that cell phone is hers or the guy's cell phone number. I haven't heard from her since Monday. But she isn't really good at texting at all. She might not text me for 4 or 5 days and then text me for 2 days and stop texting for 3 or 4 days and start texting me again for 3 or 4 days. So, I am going to hear from her here soon. On Snap Chat text that I got on Monday, she said she was doing fine but on Sunday, something scared her but she was doing okay though. Now, I am worried that she might be in some trouble now. I don't trust the guy that she was arguing with. What should I do? What is everyone's opinion about this?
  20. abitbroken, I have to disagree with you on your entire post. This isn't about nostalgia or what she looks like or anything at all. I am either hurt or lonely at all to be honest. Not once did I tell that in my post. She could be 400 pounds and I will still go for her. I am not in love with a woman that doesn't exist. Yes we both have changed but that doesn't mean that I shouldn't try to go for her. My marriage didn't last because my ex-wife cheated on me. Not because of anything else. So, it was all my ex-wife that I am not married anymore. My expectations are in check. Her and I are both older and we both have changed. That doesn't mean that we aren't going to get together. If we work out, then we work out. If we don't work out, then we don't work out. Either way, I know that I have tried and I can move on with my life. There is nothing that I have build up in my mind at all to be honest. I have been talking to her for a year and a half and I know her now. We have know that we have both changed in life for the better. We are playing to meet to see where things go. Where do you get that there is no practical reason to be together come from? I honestly don't know where you come with that to be honest. I am sorry but I don't agree with your opinion on this at all. I think that people just give up on things because they don't want to try to go for things. If she comes and says that she is going for someone else, I would be happy for her and I will be her friend always. This has nothing to do with the past at all. I have been taught to go for things. I have been looking for her for 30 years. That is because I have to see if things will work out between us. Not because of the past but the future. I know how she is right now and she knows how I am right now. I have been taught to chase after your dreams. Not to give up. Yes I am dead set on this. And we are going to meet in October. Sorry but I am not going to just give up on this because you think I am doing this because of the past. The past is the past. You can't leave in the past and you have to go for it. Do you know what I mean? Thank you for your opinion. Be blessed.
  21. I have left our some information and I apologize for that. I have been looking for her 30 years. She's has always been on my mind. I was married for 4 1/2 years back in the late '90s. I haven't dated someone in like 10 years. So, I am not heartbroken. And me being single has nothing to do with me looking for her. Like I said, I have been looking for her for 30 years. I have to go and see if things will work out between her and I. If things work out between us, then I will be happy. But if they don't, then I know that things wasn't meant to be. I am not going to be all sad or anything if they don't work out. I have been wondering if things will work out or not with her. I just have to know. Do you understand what I mean?
  22. To be honest, I have to disagree with your whole post. I am in California and she's in Missouri. I don't think that long distance relationships fizzle out or fade eventually. I have known many couples that were in long distance relationships that made it work. I honestly think if two people truly love each other, they will find a way to make it work. I do think that many people who are in long distance relationships do give up instead of trying to make it work. If you truly love someone and vice versa, distance shouldn't matter. To me, too much absence makes a person want the other person more. Do you understand what I am trying to say? I do understand what you are trying to say to be honest and I do appreciate what you said. But, I can't go through the rest of my life wondering. I can't go through life without trying. I am always going to be thinking what would have happened if I tried to go for her. That wouldn't be fair for me or her. And supposed I take your advice and find someone else. To be honest, I am always going to be think what would have happened. I can't do that to be honest. That wouldn't be fair to me or the person I am dating. You know what I mean? I hope that you understand what I am saying though. Thank you for your input.
  23. I meet my crush while we were attending the same church when we were younger. For some reason, we become close throughout our friendship. She was staying with a close friend of mine and his family. Then she met a guy that she was in love with. I still saw her around and we were still remained close. Then she moved with her family to Missouri and the guy that she loved followed her there. She would call and write me. Then, suddenly, she stopped writing and calling me. I finally found her after looking for her about 10 years and she got married to the guy. I wrote her a letter and she never responded back to my letter. I was sad because I didn't hear back for her. But I kept her in my mind. I will still try and find her. Then in December of 2018, I found her on Facebook and she was going by her maiden name. So, I added her. Then on Valentine's Day of 2019, she finally added me and we talked all night. She was so happy to hear from me. She divorced the guy because of emotional abuse. And she told me that she did get my letter and she couldn't write or call me because her ex was controlling her life. She said that she knows that I love her but didn't know how much. Recently, my close friend that she used to stay with told me that his mother and he was looking for her and I told him that she was on Facebook. I told her that they were looking for her and I would step aside so him close friend and her to get together and she didn't want me to do that at all. She didn't want me to stop texting and calling her and she told me that she has no interest in him at all. My question is do I have a chance to be with her? What should I do? Help.
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