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  1. I honestly don't care if you think that my responses are rude to be honest. I think that the advice is wrong to be honest.
  2. Please don't treat me like I am dumb. I know what unbiased means. And I will on doing what I am doing
  3. I have tried the old number but the call just goes to her voicemail. I did it with both of my cell phones. And I did it from my home phone as well because I thought that those two numbers might have been blocked and she doesn't have my home phone number and it goes straight to voicemail as well. That just tells me that that actual phone is actually turned off and not turn on. And I do think that that guy got her phone and sent that text message without her knowledge. The purpose of this thread was to see what's up with that phone. I don't know if that phone is actually hers or her friend. Do you know what I mean? She did text me from that phone for a couple of days after that incident and she did tell me that she had a new phone and she was also texting me on Snap Chat. She did call me on Snap Chat today and she is doing okay. And she did send me some pictures from her new number and that wasn't the same number as before. So, I am assuming that the other number had to be the friend's number.
  4. How do I know that she doesn't text her friend and family for days? I looked at her Facebook and her family and friends post messages about it. And I am in contact with a person that helped raise her while we were growing up and she always ask me if she texted me or not. So, that's how I know about that. Yes I am happy about that. I don't always text people when they send me texts or messages. That doesn't mean that she is hiding anything from me or her friend and family. And I assumed things when that other guy posted that text to me. And what if she was telling me the truth. I jumped to an conclusion before I asked her what was going on. And I am not in the dark about anything at all. And I don't find it ridiculous that she did that to that guy over the phone with me. If someone is lying about something and you came to me saying that this person said that and it wasn't true, I would have done the same thing to be honest.
  5. She doesn't text other people for days as well. I am not the only person she does that to as well. She does that with her own family. And there is no other guy in the picture to be honest.
  6. Actually no one is giving biased opinions that I dont like
  7. I want someone's unbiased opinion. Not one person in here has given me their unbiased opinion to be honest. The second thread was more about what's going on with the number and the first thread was about my feelings towards her. The two people that answered the first thread said things that were completely wrong to be honest. And I feel like these opinions are wrong as well. She has not done any of the things that everyone has claimed that she would do at all.
  8. I am here because I had a problem about the numbers to be honest. Everything that I have done has worked to be honest. Have I been in a abusive relationship before? Yes I have and I totally disagree with you about what you said about relationships. You are so wrong about. What works for one person might not work for another. So, please don't say that type of stuff okay. I don't need any type of warnings from you
  9. I am not in any type of denial to be honest.
  10. There is no denial on my part at all. Come on now. I am not fooling myself or anything else like that.
  11. She is paying for the trip. I have not given her any money at all. And I think that you are wrong as well. She hasn't talked to this freidn since she told him to leave her alone. I am not living some kind of lala land at all to be honest. And I will wait until December because you are very wrong. And I will come back and put a picture of both of us.
  12. She is divorced. She is not in any type of relationship. She does not have a boyfriend or anything like that.
  13. And I have to disagree with you on that as well. Thank you for your opinion
  14. And once again, I don't think you know what you are talking about to be honest. If you honestly gave me some unbiased advice, I would have listened to what you had to say but you didn't. You can think whatever you think about me. I think your advice is wrong to be honest. She just called me right now and we just planned for her to come and see me in December like we planned.
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