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  1. Yes - another defeat but no big deal. Time changes things. I will stay quiet on my corner. She will definitely notice when i change my behaviour, but i don't care. I the end of the day she is on and off with her ex. What also encouraged me to like her so much is that since the beginning i thought she was single because she was always saying "my ex", "my ex", "my ex". But i should have realized that the reason why she talks so much about him is that she still meets him on a fairly regular basis. Can't blame her if her heart is still there! I will just fully focus on my job search and get her out of my mind.
  2. The answer is simple; i didn't do anything! 😂 That's why all my tests helped; in the end it has not been mandatory to ask her out. I didn't do any of these; If i had asked her out or confess to her then this would have put her in a difficult spot but i haven't done this. I'm deciding to lose interest in her without her having to say no to me. I make the task easier for her.
  3. It's her responsibility to be private ... Today she is not. She should not leave her sextoy in front of the door of har cat's house and she should not send me the same day to her cat house! TO me this was made on purpose ... Regarding trips to bathroom dude i was in the living room, from which no individual would miss the noise of her trips to the bathroom. Are you proctecting her? I though here is to help me. I do not blame myself; i haven't done anything wrong. i am only telling you what has happened. She is my landlord but not my mum or my God ... Noone is perfect; do not worry. It doesn't make her a bad person either ... The stories i tell are true and they are the way they are; none of us can do anything about it!
  4. I think she has learned to mitigate it a little bit but there are still some traces in her which she cannot get rid of. She seems like when she likes or loves someone she gives everything and is lovely but i do not like the fact that she is speaking bad and making fun of the girl she pretend to be her best friend. This is not cool. I was buying into her game but today when she told me that the girl had been played off for 7 years initially i felt sorry for the girl and i said to her that i wouldn't blame the girl if the girl has some difficulties today in to making-up her mind. But she obviously is not taking it; she is just making fun of her friend. It seems like between her and her friends it's about who is pretending the most to succeed .. Sounds fake.
  5. she drinks 3 to 4 beers at 9 degrees per day*
  6. Today is the day we were supposed to go for the walk in the park. Yesterday she met her friends for some drinks in their flat. When she came back home she simulated a hangover ... lmao! 😅😂 never seen this before. I could stop laughing in my heart. She arrived in the flat; as she was opening the door with the keys the cat went by the door (as usual, he always does that). When she opened the door she removed her bag quickly, removed her jacket quickly, and went running to the toilets (this is fair enough; she wanted to pie). She scared the cat by doing this. But then after the bathroom she said to me that "I think I'm gonna be sick". This was yesterday, and today is when we were supposed to go in the park. When she told me this i look out in her eyes ... seriously no trace of someone who had had much drinks. This woman drinks averyday strong beers. I asked her what she drank to feel so bad; she said 2 pints of beers at 7.5. Clearly not enough to make her feel bad. She drinks regularly with me here 3 to 4 beers at 9 degrees in week days. IAlso she played a game; she was like saying to me she think she is gonna throw out; leaving her bedroom all the time and running to the toilets, trying to pretend. Anyway the bottom line is ... I think she wasn't really feeling that bad; she was making it look too much and find an excuse for today. Today, i just asked whether she was feeling good enough to go for the walk; she said she was not down for going as far as that park but if it was somewhere not too far she was ok. Honestly after yesterday's episode i think that i'm off. I think that if she can put so much effort into faking something then i'm probably bothering her by trying to hit on her. Also 2 days ago she again tried to set me up with another girl; she said she could introduce me to one of her colleagues ... I was like damn. What the hell is going on. Today my friend was here in the flat; we had a good time; she was still continuing to fake it, like she is feeling bad and she cannot drink; she is just having coca cola. Just right now i asked how long she had been with her "ex boyfriend", like she calls him ... She said they broke up 15 days ago. Damn 30 days ago she was talking of him as an "ex-boyfriend". I said this to her. And she said oh yes it's up and down. They break up and they put themselves together again. This shows me that all this is bull***. I was giving her hard workd by complimenting her and fancying her and putting her in a difficult situation to say "no" to me (which luckily she didn't feel mandatory to anwer (Yes or no)). And yes i mean now i really feel it; there is no point trying anything if she is not interesting; i don't want to bother her. She said she is always arguing with her ex and i said "oh so that's the main reason why you guys are not getting along well", She said "Yes that's one reason" and i said "the other ones are ...?". She said she doesn't wanna speak about it. I said "fair enough" and she said "how was your previous relationship?", and i said "in response to your answer, i don't wanna speak about it either". Damn; she is always talking about the couple of her best friend (this other girl who is 40), saying that she doesn't understand how the girl can spend 4 years with the guy and the girl is not in love with the guys but the guy is in love with the girl, etc.. She is always downgrading this guy, saying he is clumsy and not sportive and also downgrading her best friend saying she doesn't know what she wants in her life. Anyway she always like talking about other couples but not herself haha. Anyway today i have proof that as of now it's not possible with her; she is on and off with this guy who has 2 kids. It's good that i get to the decision to switch off without having to confess her anything and without having to invite her to any official date! At least now i will leave her alone and at least now i can breathe properly and focus on other things. I hope she doesn't continue to pollute my hear with the stories of her best friend and that she leaves me some peace too haha. I feel a bit sorry for her best friend though (i wouldn't like my friend to speak bad of me). She also told me her friend tried to have kis with her man (i don't think i woman would want to do kids with a man she doesn't love) and that they cannot have akid. The woman and the man now need to do some tests; seems like the woman has a problem now (she is 40) and i asked her why her friend wait so late for kids; she said her friend was dating her ex for 7 years and she wanted kids with him but the man kept saying he was not ready - after 7 years she said to him either we do kids or split and the man prefered to split. When they split the mand had a kid with another woman 1 year after ... Her friend (this girl) has has her time wasted by a man for 7 years; he didn't want kids with her. I think that's the reason why this woman is scared of things with her actual boyfriend. But my landlady is making fun of her whe she tells all the stories to me. Anyway, that's the update ... quite dense.
  7. Naa you are not right - i'm just taking my time cautiously. I am scared of her saying no; this is why i like to put some tests and pick-up information before i even try anything. She is also pretty laid back as a person; i like that much.
  8. Yes! I agree she should be discrete with these things. She is 39 years old. Also when she asked me the question, it wasn't in a jokes kind of thing. She paused, before asking me the question and was watching me while i was answering; i was a bit embarrassed; i lied too.😂 When i asked what she likes with the idea of owning a brothel she said the likes the side of breaking the rules.
  9. it's an Airbnb which has changed; i paid the 1st month on the website but since then i'm just putting money on her account and she hopes i stay here for a long time. We can say that as of today it's a tenant kind of situation. Regarding clarification on date or not, i am still just a bit scared to specify that it's a date. I'm hoping to well apprehend how she will behave in the context of this weekend. I'm still testing her to pick information. You know she is not easy to read. Also earlier this week the story of liking the idea of owning a brothel came up again; she said again that she would love to own one. She also asked me whether i have ever slept with an escort. I don't really know why she talks to me about these things and why she asked that question. She talks about various strange things.
  10. By the way some new info. Just right now i proposed to her to go for a walk in a park. She told me in the past that this park is very beautiful and i proposed that she shows me the walk this weekend. She said yes. I didn't specified that it's a romantic/date walk though (it's difficult to just throw that to her face at this stage). But we will be 2 to do the walk. Also between now and this weekend she also wants us to continue the footing. Guys just to make it clear, i am using this site to get advise; i give you as much information as possible because i think it helps you in helping me. But don't think that i'm the kind of guy who is too sticky and who just dreams about her every day and every night. I'm a normal and pretty cool person and respectful person.
  11. She is not the only woman i see; i see my friends (who are women) outside the flat as friends. I don't see why she would think i'm desperate. She knows i meet my friends (males and females) outside the flat. She also knows that i don't want to bring anyone in the flat, although she told me i could bring friends if i want. I am not dating a womn at the moment. Not be dating a woman doesn't make you desperate; it doesn't make you unattractive either. Even if it's true that women tend to be very attracted to men who are already settled. You understand that we need to start somewhere and from scratch sometimes.
  12. I mean i don't agree; i'm not creepy like you say. I am indeed a cool roomate; just that i like her doesn't make me a bad person. i am talking about things here but i don't do crazy stuffs in the flat and i don't think of her in a crazy way. I'm a normal person.
  13. Sometimes yes but not all the time - sometimes i speak to her best friend through the phone too when it's on speaker.
  14. No .. I really like her a lot! Independently of the fact that i don't have any other option. She is (physically) well above the average of the few girls that i have dated so far in my life. It's just a pure coincidence really! You are right - it's not ideal to having to make so many hypothesis. Fair point. This was just to say that she doesn't try to hide herself. Also she makes it on purpose sometimes to come and sit near me when she puts the speaker with her best friends on the phone. She wants me to hear what they say and she wants me to validate the decision she makes because she is fairly different from her friends in her thoughts.
  15. Sorry to say this to you though ... I had to. It's the second aggressive/not helpful/out of line comment that you put here. I had the kindness to ignore the first one.
  16. Big lol ... It will not get of ouf hand. I am a very cautious person, hence the reason why i'm here discussing this topic. I am a responsible adult. You do not appear to be helpful to me; so do not feel forced to put your aggressive comments please ... You think you know everything but you do not.
  17. Why would i need to do so? I am good here; it's an Airbnb; so by principle people have flexibility to move out fairly quickly if they want. Also i do have to say that i have the good impression that she wants me to be aware of most things in her life. If she really wanted to be discrete then she shouldn't talk about everything that's happening in her life. She shouldn't ask me to go in her room. She shouldn't talk about me with her parents (who happen to have asked when she would introduce me to them), she shouldn't tell me everything that's going on in her mind and in her work that she doesn't like, she shouldn't tell me every single thing about her best friends stories. It's also her responsibility as a landlady (if she wants to purely have a landlady/tenant relationship) to be as discrete as possible and not dive me into her life. She puts me everywhere ... and she seems to want me to validate everything she does.
  18. Just to remind i am not spying on her ... I know what she talks about on the phone because she answers her calls in front of me and puts the speaker; but when she is on the phone in her room i don't get my ear near her door. Also as a reminder regarding this sextoy story i am aware of it because she asked me to get the cat from his house which is in her room to feed him; the sextoy happened to be just by the door of the cat. What you are writing sounds like i am spying on her and being too present in her life. I want to clarify that this is not the case. She happens not to be a discrete woman at all ... that's why i have all these infos. I like her much but believe me i give her her space; she is the one who is chatting to me all the time in fact.
  19. I didn't know her before moving in; i have been in the flat for 2 months. She is not in a relationship at the moment.
  20. Okay - i will definitely at some point ask her out (because i really like her ans i really see her as a nice woman). I don't know when i will do so. May be soon. It also depends how she will act towards me. It's not forbidden to like or love someone in secret though! It's not a sin. We are humans and i haven't done anything bad. It may sound easy for you guys to just say "forget about her, find a job, move out, focus on other things, etc.". I do consider other options (which do not exist at the moment) and i do keep myself busy. She is not the end of the world for me; she just happens to be the woman who draws my attention the most these days. There are no opportunities to go out because i'm in a country that is locked down at the moment. Datings apps do not work for me ... 200 swipes per day for 7 days and barely 1 match per week! It's not that obvious unfortunately; everyone doesn't have the same advantages or features. It's normal that some people (like me) spend time putting some efforts in a woman they consider valuable.
  21. She also needs cash (she doesn't stop talking about how she is broke since she bought the flat and how she needs to go on holidays) and i do pay smoothly, and also takes well care of the flat.
  22. Exactly! You are right. And i think she may be influenced too by the fact that theoretically i'm her client. Right now it seems like she would want me to stay here long. So maybe if i try and it doesn't work it wouldn't damage too much our landlady/tenant relationship. I wouldn't be kicked out. 😂 I will continue to collect information progressively.
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