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  1. By the way i forgot to mention that she just purchased this flat recently and had it delivered about 4 months ago. I am the first person she has ever had as a tenant, and a lot of the shopping that we do is for the decoration of the flat and the garden, which i'm helping her with.
  2. I like her enough for her to be my girlfriend and would take whatever she has to offer (even if it's a short term thing). I am sure she would suit me for a long term relationship; at the same time i want to go step by step. The first thing is really to find out if she is interested in dating me. I'm also a bit cautious not making it too much of a story in front of her. Imagine she thinks she was alone in her flat and decided to take a tenant and this guy has arrived here and all of a sudden in a little while declares a love story to her ... It would be a bit too much in a short amount of
  3. Oh sorry! Well if she turns me down it depends how she does it. If it's in a blunt/aggressive way i will be hurt but i am a big enough boy to respect her decision going forward and i will be able to still live with her. The question is more how would she feel about it? regarding the date thgouh, since we are doing many things together already (diners, drinks, picnic, shopping, etc.) do i really need to setup a specific date? Or should i just talk to her and see how she react? But i think making an official date is more respectful towards her and it shows a better image.
  4. I don't necessarily expect her to fall in love with me. And i'm not specifically looking for a relationship at this point in time. However i happen to be attracted to her a lot ... I didn't know this was gonna be the case. In fact all the time i have been looking for a relationship i never found one hahaa ... you get my point, right? These things are the type of things that happen by surprise. Just enjoying each others' company, hummm .. i don't know. I would say that this is out of my control. I had never imagined i would be in this situation but trust me time is power and
  5. Also she like lifting her shirt often ... maybe to show off her piercing. I am staying with her, the time to find a job (and maybe longer, who knows?) since i have just graduated and had to come in this town to look for a job. So at the moment i have less resource than her indeed. But i have just graduated from a top school and she seems impressed with that; that's why she like seeking for my help for advices in her career. She also has credibility in me from an intellectual perspective i think. She always ask me advise with regards to her job. I really don't know how to play
  6. Thanks for your answers so far. To clarify certains points which were not clear and for which some of you asked questions, by "seducing her" i mean "making her like me too if it's not the case yet". Since i like her; i would like it to be reciprocal. I don't just see her as a sex partner; she has the potential for more than that. Honnestly she is very open as a woman, so i kinda imagine her just dating for the short term too! The last time we had people at home she was taking pics with her shirt-up and bra visible .. She also told some stories about her tinder plans ba
  7. Hi everyone, It's been a month and a half since I moved into an apartment with the idea of staying there on the short term (a few months). I’m 32 years old and I live in this 2-bedroom apartment with my landlord, who has her separate bedroom. Over time I realize that I am more and more attracted to her. She is 7 years older than me but on my side that is not important because I find in her other attractive qualities. Until now she has been gradually open to me (she introduced me to her group of friends, as well as her sister, who have been to the apartment before). We've been doing some a
  8. Lol ************ you obviously have nothing to say to help so please don't comment because you are not helpful! The problem is the height. You cannot feel it at the end of the day; I can!
  9. Out of all short men on earth, how many do you know? you probably know 0.0000005‬ % of all short men on earth! Short men you see in relationships are an infinitely small amount of all short men. Of course some short men are in relationship but how many compared to tall men? You don't just understand my problem and you do not have to!
  10. My dear I am 31; I am not 18! I have been going through this fight for many years. For me to post here today, you must understand that it's not something easily solved by patience or whatever. I have experienced a large enough sample of women to draw certain conclusions! Thanks though but I heard that before and many times; it's the usual song, which doesn't help me unfortunately.
  11. i'm sorry but different persons have different views; easy to say it's my negativity but it originated somewhere. it's the fruit of experience; it started at 29 years old … I wasn't born with it. It's founded on solid basis and on proof!
  12. Okay; thanks for your answer. I will watch this space although I already know that there are certain decisions I will never make. I am also a bit scared to have kids to be honest; if a have boys who have the same or a lower height than mine it can be disastrous for them. I wouldn't be happy to expose any human being to such a hard life time. They could hate the parent for this. I am also thinking about adopting a shorter child and maybe teach him my learning of these experiences; that would be a great thing to do! I discover this problem myself at 29; nobody told me anything; if I had known
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