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  1. My ex broke up with me 5 months ago after about a year during which time he met my family 3/4 times. We bumped into each other in the street in early March and went for coffee and have been messaging very slowly ever since (replies every 48 hours or so). Anyway it was my Mum's birthday at the weekend and he messaged me twice on the day to say happy birthday and ask how her birthday was. He's also now asked me to pass on his birthday wishes too in a seperate message. From other interactions we've had e.g. immediately after the break up when he asked if my family hate him, he seems just dispropo
  2. My grandmother has contracted coronavirus and we're very aware she will likely die in the next few days and I'm struggling quite a bit with it. My ex broke up with me about 6 months ago (and now has a new partner) but we still talk occasionally. Having seen a post on social media about it he has reached out to offer support to me. I really want to talk to him about my gran because he's the person who understands me and can cheer me up the best but I'm not sure if I'm just causing myself long term pain by talking to him on an emotional level? Is it worth it? Is it too risky?
  3. My boyfriend of a year broke up with me in October pretty out of the blue, and by November agreed to stop talking to each other to help us both move on. We messaged Merry Christmas and then didn't speak again though he always liked all my social media posts. I was in his town in March and bumped into him in the street and suggested we went for coffee which we did and was really nice. Immediately afterwards he messaged to say he'd love to do it again whenever I'm next in town and I agreed. We continue messaging and he reveals he is 'seeing someone' but we carry on chatting replying to each othe
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