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  1. Wow the females lined up against me (joking). Let me add a bit more to the story. I respond back with the females lined up statement after she states to me its a buffet out there and I can do better. but wrong is wrong and I guess my statement is a comeback in response to her statement. I guess I should also add I'm Mr. Mom I make breakfast/ feed the kids -go to work -come home I prepare dinner put the kids to sleep etc. My complaint is that if you are a stay at home mom (some of the times dinner and a clean house should exist,) not the case in our household. I make the kids eat at the ta
  2. We have been together for almost 10 years and yes 5 kids. the last few years have been a roller coaster ride. I will start with my faults. like 3 years ago i was contacted from old females i dated and we had Facebook conversations- I call a spade a spade so yes I admit it was wrong but nothing went past that. She 3-4 years later still keep throwing that and other things up during arguments and she states in her eyes its same as if I had sex with them. we can never get past problems because i always become the blame of her problems. we have tried therapy and counseling and it always goes back t
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