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  1. I understand that and I take a lot of them into account and most of the answers I already figured before with the more “realist” part of my mind. I just thought I’d Ask on the updated situation, try under a a couple different forums to get other views or hopefully someone who went through the same thing. I didn’t think you’d be on every one and I don’t mean to frustrate you either or anything and I appreciate whatever kind of feedback. And My mind just wonders sometimes. I’ll be fine one second and suddenly this hits me like a ton. Regardless, I’ll just stop then I guess. Thank you fo
  2. Me and my girlfriend broke up a few months ago when all this covid stuff jumped off. Everything was great Before and we were both happy and shared all kinds of new feelings we both had from each other and shared lots of experiences that we didn’t have in past relationships. But we both had a tendency to get in our Own heads From time to time and being in quarantine away from eachother wasn’t helping. On top of that she would worry about her bi sexuality being an issue and it was on her mind around that time as well. She was attracted to girls but as far as guys go she would tell me I was t
  3. So a few months ago among the pandemic my girlfriend broke up with me. She said on top of personal things going on in her life that relationship stress started to get to her and a main reason was because she’s bi sexual and found other girls attractive and at times would feel confused/bad for it. She told me I was the only guy she wanted and the relationship still meant a lot to her but that other part of her still liked girls as well and at times I would even assure her as long as I’m the only guy in the picture then I had no problem with her exploring the other side of her sexuality. I’ll
  4. So a couple months ago my girlfriend asked if we could just be friends again, so yeah she broke up with me, because relationships are hard for her and she said at the time she had a lot going on and the added stress of a relationship was taking a toll because she felt bad she wasn’t being totally present with me and needed time to figure herself out. We said we’d still talk and all that like we normally did but just as friends. Before we were officially together that’s what we did and it was great. However we didn’t really follow through on that. I’d message and sometimes never get a reply s
  5. No apologies needed here , if anything I’m sorry for making this post long. Thank you for reading it all! I just thought to include what I saw as necessary to give as much insight as I could into this entire thing. Could I ask though, whats your take on our couple pictures still being up on her Instagram? And these tik toks she made of me and her are still up too? What does that mean? And She also began dming me again more on twitter and Instagram yesterday. Mainly some inside joke kinda stuff that reminded her of me. Anything there either? Or just a simple stroll down memory lane?
  6. So recently among all this coronavirus craziness my girlfriend has asked for some space and then for us to take a break in our relationship. In order to explain why though I feel I need to go to the beginning and explain a lot so you understand why I’m confused and hopeful in all this. (And yes it’s a looooong one so any insight on this IS GREATLY APPRECIATED) (Also my age: 23 her age: 20 if that matters) We met a couple years ago but really started talking here n there in the middle of last year. I will refer to my girlfriend, or on break girlfriend? Recent still maybe girlfriend? D
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