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  1. Thank you for your message jibralta. I just want to make it clear so there is no confusion. As stated in previous post my family would visit regularly in the very beginning (first few months of our relationship. After that they only visit once every two weeks. My partner still acts very moody and isolates herself. In your opinion is showing respect and love in this short amount of time to make this relationship work unreasonable. If you have read my previous post you will see that i am not welcome to her family home even tho we get on well. If i act the way my partner does towards for family w
  2. I should end the relationship. But im in love with her. I just want her to respect my family. The same way i do with her family even tho they also do me wrong. I want to be happy. I know that if things dont change i will have to walk away but at the same time i will be hurt more than ever
  3. Hello everyone. I just want to thank you all for all messages. It is much appreciated. I have read through them all and ill try answer as much of the questions as i can. My partner and i have been living together for 3 years. Wiseman2 you have asked why my family doesn't invite us. Well this is the problem. My family invite us over for dinner regularly. But my partner makes excuses 99% of the time and does not go with me. My mother did visit a few times a week in the very beginning of our relationship when i moved in with my partner. This was out of excitement to get to know my partner
  4. Sorry i forgot to mention something very important. A few weeks ago i arranged for my mother and partner to meet for a coffee and talk. After their meeting my partner called me in tears saying she has realised how silly she has been. She was devastated by her actions. And again, a couple of days later back to square one. Mothers day just passed. I took her and her mother out for dinner. My partner didnt even send my mother a text!!!!!!
  5. Hello blusecastle. Thank you for your message. I am 38 years old and so is my partner. I totally agree with what you have said. My downfalls are that i am a very kind and reasonable person. I like to make people happy. I have hoped that the more i do to make her happy the more effort she would put in to make me happy. Which is only the family situation by the way. We get on very well other than that and i do love her incredibly. I know she also loves me but i question it when she treats my family badly. Its gotten so bad i cant given mention them in conversation without her pulling faces
  6. Wow i was not expecting a response so quick. thank you. No i have never posted before. Yes we have discussed this several times. First she goes into defence, but after i explain how she acts and how i act she realises what she is doing wrong and says that she will change. But then she goes back to her old ways and goes into defence again
  7. Hello all, i am new to this site and the first time i have asked for help regarding my relationship. If anyone can help me with advice and pure honestly i would really appreciate it. I have been with my now fianće for 8 years. We got engaged 6 months ago. When we first meet it was amazing apart from a few things that bothered me. My partner was overly jealous. She didn't like me walking to the shops, going out anywhere without her, talking to friends on the phone for to long. Even going to a restaurant had its difficulties as she would constantly accuse me of looking at other woman, even i
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