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  1. Do you even read and comprehend? There was no continuation of listening to his infidelities stated. I was told about everything in one shot. As his friend I didn’t even suspect until he dropped those bomb of information. Don’t assume: fact is we didn’t really spoke for almost a year until he told me he stopped stepping out. Strictly need to basis.No flow in conversation. That’s why he didn’t let me know he was being accompanied by a female on the resent trip.he is well aware of what my reaction would be. That’s someone I’ve known almost half my life.held him in high regards , to
  2. Thank you Skeptic76 and Cherylyn I appreciate those sound advices, i will apply it to my life and attitude going forward
  3. Every one is right in that it may serve me best to not have my friend in my life any more. But it’s a lot of up and down as far as My emotions while I was shocked and disappointed in his decisions as far as cheating because I’ve never seen him as that person, and I’m upset and hurt about the fact he is blaming me wrong fully. The fact is He has been my friend for so many years since we were teens, We talk almost everyday.So it’s hard not to miss our friendship I think I also want closure he never had a conversation with me about the situation apart from the text. And then cut communicat
  4. My best friend who is married, has told me about his affairs In details.We talk about any and everything, so he is comfortable telling me these things.I don’t agree with his actions, and have told him what he does is wrong and maybe he need professional help. Recently he stopped talking to me. He went on a trip with one of his male friend and a woman that he has been having an affair with. He had only told me about going with the guy, he never mention the female. After he got back from his trip I called and text multiple times but he never respond to my text nor call me back. Few weeks lat
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