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  1. pay house duties, but not a rent to them. probably, even more, i should pay them for their 'psychological' help? like threting me, and pushing me doing something? pissed couch! one more for me!
  2. Really? You renting your parents house? Thats so weird for me, i cant believe that parents can be so... Greedy? Or, probably you and your parents got really different level of understanding things... Thank you for your kind anwsewering
  3. Many thanks. At first - i wana talk about personality issue. Im not underage about drinks. Ive got relationships. At least i want. If my parents are that old - no dancin', no music, no fun at all... it's on their own. Im not in charge. About housekeeping... Im not a landlord( just rule the continents), but... what do you think? They had 3 appartments(probably more, thay said to me only what they want me to do). And, when i was young, they ask me for some help to get some from government. So this freeking bothering me. I want my beers if i wanted it. I want my place, probably for... my family and my kids. And yep, i was working that hard - 12 ours shifts for years. I think they ve got no heart at all. Ive got some sponsorship now for my drinks. Defenetly i need more, but... 1$ beer defenetly is a crime... Sure, im an a addict... And we need some officers to kick me out because of our differences... Were good with my oldies. Polite. Always. Probably few angry words after this mess. After all, i ask you. Who needs to be medicated? Me? Really?
  4. Thanks a lot, im addict in the past, so i have no friends at all. One pissed couch for a day or two probably i can find, nah... Thanks for your replying. Probably rehab not that bad for me... Hate being absolutely sober so much, but i cant find good job without fresh breath at least. Thanks a lot.
  5. Even if i clear and staying sober daily? No, they cant. Sounds stupid. But yeah, probably i should try. Thanks. maybe she stinks a bit... defenetly shes carying. and she is saint mother mary... my life is ok, i have some money from my previous work. it was hardworking. why cant i have some drinks in the evining? Yep, thanks a lot. Legaly, its not that easy for my parents kick me out with police officers. They need court permisions, thats what i heard. Thanks. So, ok. I change my locks. But they staying right behind the door, trying to knock right into my head, and when i need to go for some foods or just outside - wuola!, mother crying, shouting, etc... So, yep, im not a kid anymore. They are kids, they on theirs benefits and have all the free times. All the time they have - they spent only for a sake of my sufferings, yeah, thats on us. Thx... Theres only one way for my iron curtain - work for some extra money and go far away for renting my own place. Hope i can do this.
  6. Thanks a lot, but renting costs high. Also your advice sounds for me like that - find a 24/7 job, and work for a sake of some guy who have better relationship with parents. And... why she dont need to work about our relationship with a specialist? Why all hell on me?
  7. i dont like commercials, and think this place is bad moderated because of you. Thanks, but no, thanks. AA, NA, LGBT, USSR - nah, oh my gosh, so tired of my mother inspired by COMMUNISM,
  8. Hello guys! So, my mother said to me go to a rehab, or go out from my place. She is owner, but she's got few appartments. My appartments is not mine by the law, but im living inside for a 12 years. I dont wanna go to a rehab because of she. Drinking few beers per a day, so this is not her buisness though. I am 30 years old, and i paid for appartments regulary. She is kinda mad about my lifestyle, and come to my place whithout my permission. Feel myself so depressed, kinda im wierdo and... like a criminal, but im not! She is old, and looks kinda insane and wants me only doing whats she want. I am musician, not employed right now, but who cares if duties are paid by me. I dont know what to do, she said that if i dont wanna be rehabed she come with police officers and kicked me out. So angry, if some old persons reads this - please, be patient to your matured childrens. When im 30 i want live my life by myself, and if i dont wanna be with you - thats my freaking deal. Thats all.
  9. Thanks a lot, probably i will. Now i'm clean for a some time(week, or less). My ex-wife now with me, but not leaving with me. Ive got parents issues, ive got no money. I lost my job, supervisor even threating me when im trying so hard make a new live. But i have a roof above my head, my parents still alive and i can speak with some friends. aa is strong and well-known organization, i prefer NA because of movie that i watch in my childhood. So, if any of u's read this. Check out Kit Kat chokolate. Tasty, and bright... cover.
  10. yes, we are... sorry, this question makes me feel sad. i've lost myself as a husband.
  11. It's ok. She is my ex-wife. Yes, we still texting, phonin, seeing... Yeah, without... bed things i feel myself dull. And alone. And we were living with each other for many years. I need my lovely sleepmate back. And bed things... its not a bugs. I missed... warmness. Soulfull warmness. If she dont love me thats ok, but why she is want me... as a friend. It is really, really painfull.
  12. night! actually, almost every social network is a dating app... probably he just... dont quit it in a right time? tweny its a tough time for a one partner, one house, one job for a whole life... bad for you, but probably at first you should speak with him about it. if everything was good, he probably come back sometimes. that was with me, but... for the first time waiting was deadly bad. kinda there is no air at all. sometimes... even married guys have cheatin', hope you have parents and others in real life who can help you dealt with it. take care bout yourself, and dont listen your friends more than your heart, and... situation. wish you luck, if you guys even dont living with each other thats hurt twice. hope you find what you want!
  13. Hi there, i was with woman for a five, or eight years... Do not remember exactly how long, i am a drinker and drug addicted in the past. Now we speak with each other, and i feel like... she's listen to me. She living with her mother, we have some "dates". It hearts. I drink some for the first time after rehab last friday... kinda i am only bring her pain, and we have no sexual relationship, but im try ask her for that. and like abuser... she goes from me second time with her things, half of things for a year was with her mother. that time... i dont even have idea what should i do. i have some deals with her, kinda buiseness-on-two. Now its ruined. Go for some usual job. Waiting for anwser. Have one friend, that donet care bout it. Parants says that it all on my hands. Im in charge... thanks for some attention. Im tired of porno and have no speaking. Thinks of suicide, but hay, probably i can bring her back, or at least, do not do that harm to her&me... P.S.: Wish you good with that virus epidemia, hard times.
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