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  1. Thanks a lot, probably i will. Now i'm clean for a some time(week, or less). My ex-wife now with me, but not leaving with me. Ive got parents issues, ive got no money. I lost my job, supervisor even threating me when im trying so hard make a new live. But i have a roof above my head, my parents still alive and i can speak with some friends. aa is strong and well-known organization, i prefer NA because of movie that i watch in my childhood. So, if any of u's read this. Check out Kit Kat chokolate. Tasty, and bright... cover.
  2. yes, we are... sorry, this question makes me feel sad. i've lost myself as a husband.
  3. It's ok. She is my ex-wife. Yes, we still texting, phonin, seeing... Yeah, without... bed things i feel myself dull. And alone. And we were living with each other for many years. I need my lovely sleepmate back. And bed things... its not a bugs. I missed... warmness. Soulfull warmness. If she dont love me thats ok, but why she is want me... as a friend. It is really, really painfull.
  4. night! actually, almost every social network is a dating app... probably he just... dont quit it in a right time? tweny its a tough time for a one partner, one house, one job for a whole life... bad for you, but probably at first you should speak with him about it. if everything was good, he probably come back sometimes. that was with me, but... for the first time waiting was deadly bad. kinda there is no air at all. sometimes... even married guys have cheatin', hope you have parents and others in real life who can help you dealt with it. take care bout yourself, and dont listen your
  5. Hi there, i was with woman for a five, or eight years... Do not remember exactly how long, i am a drinker and drug addicted in the past. Now we speak with each other, and i feel like... she's listen to me. She living with her mother, we have some "dates". It hearts. I drink some for the first time after rehab last friday... kinda i am only bring her pain, and we have no sexual relationship, but im try ask her for that. and like abuser... she goes from me second time with her things, half of things for a year was with her mother. that time... i dont even have idea what should i do.
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