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  1. Please note that I am no longer reading or replying to any comments on this post. Feel free to blame me, call me a side chick all you like. I am not going to be repeating myself over and over. I am not going to be blamed for a man who has told me that he lied to me because he was confused about everything and wanted to keep me around at all costs. I chose feeling over logic, as we have all done at some point in our lives. I regret it wholeheartedly. It doesn't change the fact that he played me and I'm hurt. Have some empathy. Judge away, I won't reply. Huge mistake joining this site
  2. Can anyone advise how I can delete my account along with my only post? I'm checking all settings and I'm not seeing that option.
  3. @jimthzz did you read the entire post? He said initially that was his girlfriend/ mother of his child. I lost interest. He sought me out after that and said that the relationship had ended. I already acknowledged blame in choosing to trust his word. When we got together, he said he was single and when he met me, they were on and off but he still referred to her as his girlfriend even though they only spoke regarding their son. I'm aware that this was probably all lies.
  4. @catfeeder I did and it was him who begged to be with me, assuring me that things changed on their end. I already acknowledged my blame in choosing to believe him.
  5. @dancingfool your name is a true testament to your character. A total fool. If you could read what I wrote and still get "side chick" then something is seriously wrong with you. No comment on the fact that this man lied to me about his relationship status after making contact with me right? Smh. No but feel free to blame me.
  6. @thatwasthen your responses have been rude and insensitive. No need for insults. Kindly take your negative views elsewhere.
  7. @wiseman2 thank you. I have done that and that's why I have ceased all communication with him. It's just hard for me, that's all..
  8. @thatwasthen your response is very insensitive. I do read red flags, however, I try to be trusting, which has not always worked out well for me in the past. I already acknowledged that. If they broke up often in the past and he is telling me that they're done for good, he is fed up etc, I am to blame for thinking he has no reason to lie about that? Has nothing to do with common sense or lack thereof.
  9. @miss Canuck the first part of your question, I can't fully answer because he considered us to be in a relationship when I thought we were just dating. I would say we we're officially dating for almost two months but he would say it's been longer than that. Second part of your question, according to him, he's been single but when I met him, he said he wasn't then his story changed so I'm not sure how to place that timeline. There has been a lot of inconsistencies that are not adding up to me.
  10. What a jerk! He seems way too sensitive and has no sense of humour. To kick you out like that was inexcusable. I understand that dating during Covid is hard but don't accept any more first dates at a man's place, especially when alcohol is involved.
  11. @wiseman2 he told me they were broken up. I take blame for not waiting for him to fully heal. I even told him that we can be friends until he sorts out everything on his end but he insisted that he wanted to be with me. I guess I got caught up in him selling me dreams.
  12. Hi everyone, I'm sorry to trouble you all during this pandemic but I am really struggling and I can't seem to turn to my friends and family for support. I was recently introduced to a guy through one of our mutual friends. We met when my friend took me to a bar. Let's call that guy Gordon. Gordon and I spoke but we didn't exchange numbers so I thought that was the end of that. I should add that I have a Chelsea FC pop socket behind my phone. Gordon saw it and told me he's a Chelsea fan as well. He then proceeded to scroll through his camera roll to show me a picture of his car, which he
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