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  1. I am seeing a therapist. I realize I should have reached out to them sooner. I think you guys are right I do have attachment issues, its one of the reasons I stayed away from dating for ten years. How do I move on? I don't want to be lonely for the rest of my life but I don't want every dating experience to end up in a personal crisis.
  2. I think you’re right. I think she picked up on it, felt bad and hooked up with me as a gesture. I know I seem like I’m going back and forth here. I am trying to work out my emotions but I want to do and think what’s right. I think if I wasn’t as passionate she wouldn’t have hooked up with me at all
  3. Especially since she asked ME out
  4. Wouldn’t you guys agree that it was immature of her to hook up then break up? Shouldn’t she have made her intentions more clear? I get that talking to her is out of the question and thank you for the kind responses it’s helping me put things into perspective.
  5. Accepted it. Still feel like total garbage. What now?
  6. What about closure for me? sure I know what not to do next time. This was the first person I dated in ten years. One would think you might make mistakes if your not a dating expert like yourself. Cut me some slack.
  7. I was overwhelmed with emotion and needed some cheering up. I realize it was stupid.
  8. I agree. I only had the post up for one night and took it down. I was overwhelmed with emotion when I posted it. I apologized to her and we mended things. I did however post that I was feeling down and she said I posted it just to make her feel like crap, which I did not. I truly was seeking support. She was more mad about my post seeking support than the first post.
  9. No you wouldn't. Considering I told no one we were dating, you'd have to be psychic.
  10. I was very vague, I simply posted a quote "the worst feeling is when you find out someone that you care about doesn't feel the same way as you and you feel so stupid for caring too much."
  11. So I met this woman at work, she is a widow her husband died about two years ago. She seemed so wholesome, treated everyone nice and acted professionally. We dated for about a month, went on 3 dates. We texted regularly me doing most of the texting on a daily basis. She asked questions like if I wanted kids hinting at something long term. Our third date I introduced her to my mother, we watched a movie, and we "hooked up" and she went down on me so to say. After this a few days later she told me shes not interested in a long term relationship and she no longer wants to date but wanted to be fr
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