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  1. We met at work whilst they were still together. He left her to be with me so we got together very soon after they broke up. Within a few days, weeks at most
  2. No i am just curious. Is it a case of she doesnt actually want him back? Is it some kind of game she is playing? I just dont know
  3. I have been told by a few people that she most definitely does and that she will do whatever it takes to make it happen so i am confused as to why she does not message him or seem to be trying to get him back
  4. The other thing i am having a hard time figuring out is, she has made it clear to people that she wants him back and has contacted him to ask him to see the children which he has done, but why does she not really message him? From what he has said when they were in contact before she used to message almost constantly so why this time is she not? He tells me he has messaged her to ask how the children are and that seems to be the only times the speak. If she is so desperate to get him back why does she not seem to be trying?
  5. I understand that but also know how much he missed his children. It took them over a week to meet after she contacted him and i really have no reason to believe anything would have happened between them. 2 hours seeing and playing with the children is not that long of a time and i doubt they wouldve had a chance for anything to have happened anyway. Especially since they dont really seemed to have even talked all that much. He has told me about the games he was playing with the children in his time there. He most definitely could not. I just have no reason right now to believe anythi
  6. Why is it so hard to believe that it might actually be nothing more than missing his children?
  7. He was only there for around 2-3 hours. But yes i think he told her he used public transport.
  8. What i can do about him not trusting me. Whether i should be worried about his ex - which everyone has made clear i should. And this one is only since hearing peoples opinions.... why people think they are already reconcilling and have a heated emotional connection. How have people come to those conclusions?
  9. There are a few people with access to the information and a few people i believe would do something like that so i cant point it towards him, or even her as much as i would love to be able to. Also it was him that originally suggested going to the police. He doesnt really speak to me about her, he tells me a few things but others i hear through people at work that know her as well as him and have her on social media. He did tell me about the house but thats about it really. And that it was best if she didnt see me. So i dont believe they would be talking about me as he is too worried that s
  10. No i havent seen any messages between them but i dont think they message all that much. Maybe once a day or every couple of days. And he had no money to give out. We struggle to make ends meet as it is. We rarely go out and i have cut his smoking down to save on money. And he had no visits as he said she would not allow him to see the children and had conditions as to when he could which included her being present
  11. I believe it was for the children as he had not seen them in months before that day. They have arranged for him to take one of them out at the weekend and then i believe he is going to hers the following day to see them as it is one of thems birthday. I think he has just missed them and wants to make up for lost time with them whilst he can incase the argue again and he doesnt get the chance to see them like before
  12. No i have never posted on here before. Also i wasnt aware i was going round in circles. I apologise. I was just trying to get clarification as to why people thought what they do as i dont think there is enough substantial evidence to suggest that they are already reconcilling.
  13. That doesnt tell me why people think that. Only that you say im chosing not to believe it. At the moment i dont believe it as i dont see enough evidence to support it
  14. I dont believe it is either of them. The arguments we have had over it would suggest it is not my boyfriend and i really cant see how it can be his ex. I have a few friends who would know those things so it could be anyone. Im confused as to why everyone seems sure that they are already getting back together or that he is cheating when they have spent so little time together
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