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  1. Blocking should never happen, ignoring does happen if someone is angry or upset with certain behaviour especially if they feel that they have been betrayed or lied to. Eight years is a long time, something happen or this has always been the case?
  2. The way to approach a successful relationship is first to see if you can be just friends for 2-years. The idea is to create a foundation where both can fall in love with each other and work out if you are compatible for the next x amount of years. I am sure he likes you, he is always replying to you but if you are getting fed up then that's a red flag for him.
  3. Best relationships are the ones that are usually forged when young but in your case, he wasn't the right one even if you feel the bond is/was very strong. I hope that you will get through this, keep your mind busy.
  4. Depends on how serious the issues are, if there are problems that cannot be resolved then you have to move on. A successful relationship requires sacrifices, a person needs to change and if you don't want to change then you'll be forced to change your partner which just means, you'll end up in the same situation again with someone else instead.
  5. We never die, we leave our bodies behind but the energy inside, some call it souls do not cease to exist. Now, he lives in your memory so keep him alive there as your life will take on a new journey.
  6. Soulmates, it's just an illusion. You think she loved you yet look at the results. A relationship in this day and age breaks even quicker, one day you might find another girl that you like and she will also be classified as a soulmate - it's just a label. Think about what you want, where do you want to be when you are 50, surely not depressed. Try to keep your mind occupied. You should be glad that you didn't marry or have children and be in this situation 15 years later.
  7. Minimising friends are one of the best thing you can do, finding a new friend on the other hand is not easy as everyone gets busy with routines. Some people need to socialise and if that is you then you have to get out first. If you make a wrong friend, it'll hurt both of you. A good friend is very difficult to find, a good friend is someone who promotes your relationship and wishes well for you - find that, then that's a person to keep otherwise continue your life with your partner and know for sure that he is the one.
  8. It will work short term only, it is rare for a relationship work over distance - too many variables.
  9. It's not about being the bigger person, usually majority of the female make up and not the males. He is a male and wants to be protective and it doesn't matter how you view it or what Google says - listen to what he is saying - you pushed him away in this case.
  10. There are two types of categories formed when we talk about family. Primary & Secondary. When you were single without any children, your primary family were your parents and that excludes any siblings that you might have. As soon as you got married, you became a husband and when you have a child then you take on your father's title and your family becomes primary. Both of you should concentrate on your own family, the rest are secondary and your siblings will have their own families.
  11. Majority women are like this, if a man who is confident, is a boss, has money then she will be attracted to him easily regardless how much she says she loves you. It's just how it works, love is only short term and so is passion and romance. The main objective here now is to raise those children with love and take care of yourself.
  12. Some point in your relationship he feels that you have lied, if that has been true then unfortunately it'll just get worse. Even a successful relationship can crumble down on a lie, and the immediate remedy is to be honest all times. People lie, people cheat, but if you are none of those then be straight and if he still does not want you then use the time to move to Plan B.
  13. Now that you are aware, there is no need to confront it yet. It'll only create negative memories. Instead, step up and pull yourself together and work on your marriage where it matters. Do more activities together, walk, talk etc.
  14. It's clear, if he had the same amount of interest as you displayed - he would have taken the opportunity to take it further.
  15. If you are happy with her personality, the way she looks and want success then make sure you delay falling in love with her as long as possible. She has been with someone for 5-years and it was her first love. First loves usually don't last that long so she is connected with him and feels betrayal of what he did. So, if you like her, that's a good start. Just be her friend, support her and don't allow more than holding hands - let her fall in love with you first so she can slowly over come her past.
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