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  1. When I refer to him as an immature person, I see it more as a trait- as something that's part of him. And I see him worthy of my respect, which if I didn't have for him, we would not be together in the first place.
  2. Saying that he's immature doesn't mean that I don't respect him. And I never really claimed to be a very mature person myself. Yes, maybe I did require some tact there, but I'm not here to advocate how mature I am, so let's leave that... What led you to believe that I don't respect him?
  3. Be a little more considerate while dealing with people- lesson learnt :) thanks for helping me understand how he felt
  4. It was definitely not intended to be hurtful. Just said it lightly and meant no harm, so I was kind of taken aback when he did take it to heart...
  5. Exactly :) A silly moment was taken a little too seriously, which annoyed me a teensy bit, but also made me realize he could be genuinely insecure about how much I'm into him. Maybe I should express myself more often...
  6. Hmm, does look like a possibility Thanks, I'll watch out :)
  7. The fact that this is first serious relationship might add up too
  8. not really, we've been exclusive for around five months now
  9. You're right, because I did take that approach after I realized he was truly hurt
  10. Of course, it makes sense how he would feel, but how does he expect me to love him more just a few months into our relationship? I've known my best friend for around 7 years.
  11. Makes complete sense actually Maybe I should just talk to him about it :)
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