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  1. I’d like to learn though. Why wouldn’t he have someone this him weekend who is local if wanted sex? It doesn’t make sense to me.
  2. It just seems like a lot of time to be around someone who just wants sex. He could’ve had someone local if he wanted sex.
  3. Why not another weekend? Why a romantic holiday weekend? Men will avoid VDAY weekend like the plague so that you won’t get the wrong impression.
  4. He and his ex aren’t still talking. a 30 year old man would have a 22 fly out, spend 4 days, and Valentine’s Day weekend all for sex? Why not spend time with someone local if that’s what he wanted?
  5. Why do you think his ex isn’t over him? I thought she walked away after he said no to therapy.
  6. You would spend 4 days straight during. Valentine’s Day weekend with someone just for sex?
  7. I asked because of what my cousin said. Honestly, I’m actually 22. I just turned 22 in September. I just said I was 27 because I thought I’d be too young to use this forum.... The guy in question is 30 though.
  8. Well I see that he followed her other social media within the last 2 weeks. Her page is private so you can only follow the account if you’re not a friend — it says on his profile that he follows her.
  9. Well he hasn’t pulled away yet so that’s a good sign? We met in October (after they broke up) but things didn’t really pick up until December (when they stopped talking). I’ve been around since October really so isn’t that a good sign?
  10. So I do know that he checked the ex’s Instagram while I was with him today. I’m not sure when though. My cousin belongs in a group chat with her and old college buddies. The ex put in the group chat... “oh there goes ___ checking my story again lol* Why doesn’t my presence during a romantic holiday 3 day weekend mean anything? He’s not spending it with her. Lastly, if he’s grieving that means he doesn’t want her back.
  11. I (27/f) met a guy (30) a few months ago through my cousin. My cousin went to school with him and they became best friends, like brother and sister actually. Anyways, I moved back to my hometown about 2 months ago and started hanging out my cousin again. We all hung out as a group and I developed an interest in this guy. We eventually exchanged numbers. My cousin found out and warned me that he had just gotten out of a serious relationship. I asked for more details (how long ago, length of the relationship, etc.) So the backstory - he was with her for almost 2 years, she was his first ver
  12. Nope, actually he doesn’t. He just went on an unfollowing spree a few days ago. Unfollowed hundreds of people, he follows a few other women but kept me.....and my sister. She’s not interested.
  13. Thanks for the advice. I guess because my friend said if a man is genuinely interested he wouldn’t like the sister’s sexy pictures. Just didn’t know if that was true or or it.
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