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  1. Thank you Jibralta, I think you are correct!
  2. Thank you Wiseman 2. I'm fairly certain I'm not dating to replace my husband. I was curious what others have felt. It doesn't keep me from enjoying life or functioning normally. But it does occur occasionally. I appreciate your input, you are very insightful !
  3. That it is a good question...it is usually when I'm enjoying a good meal, or a beautiful day. It is not something that is overwhelming, I am not generally depressed.
  4. Thanks everybody, that all sounds fair and reasonable!
  5. Hello! My husband of almost 40 years died almost a year and a half ago. Does anybody else have feelings of guilt, for just being alive???
  6. Hello! I am new here. I am a widow who just had a date with an old high school crush, who is now divorced. We had fun catching up (~50 years!) and he mentioned several times he wants to continue to see me. Later in the date, he said I was "comfort food" to him. Is this good or bad. Does that mean all he wants is a friend? How long is reasonable to hear from him again? Thanks for any advice!
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