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  1. No. Just a coincidence.. That one from a year ago was close to happening but i'm actually grateful it didn't. This girl moved here to my block about a year or two ago, i always see her outside with her dog.
  2. Its going to start getting nice with the weather, so i'll be going for evening walks now.. When I see her, I will talk to her.
  3. I don't think shes on tinder, never saw her and always keep the distance close. She didn't grow up in that house. I remember her grandfather though from over 20 years ago when i was real young and I used to talk to him. I've thought about using that as an ice breaker if I saw her in person, then see where the conversation goes from there. I'll try the message on match , later tonight.
  4. There is a girl right around the corner from me i've had a thing for, for a couple years.. She lives alone in her grandparents old house. Well 6 months ago i saw her on bumble, of course we didn't match. But that means nothing, women are very particular on dating sites, she might not of seen my profile anyways... For the hell of it, I made a profile on match today and she is on match... So I know she is single still. I'd love to ask her out in person but I don't know how.. I guess, if i see her outside I should strike up a conversation with her and get to know her.... I can talk to anyone on
  5. Yup, that isn't cool to do over the phone. If you truly still have feelings for him then maybe wait it out/be there for him if he does does anxiety. I know some people with chronic anxiety and its not pretty place. But that being said, history has a way of repeating itself.....
  6. So just an update... Long story short, my ex boss/friend is an electrician. His guys who are also very good friends are wiring my sisters house.. I stopped by after work to see how they where making out... I never mentioned her, but they both started saying she had the hots for me. So I think i'm in the clear... Then the subject got changed so that's as far as it went. But maybe this Friday will ask her out.
  7. ^That is all very true, thanks for the advice. I'm trying to get to know her a little better every time I see her.
  8. ^I've never had a serious relationship, but i've been the one asked out, the small ones i've had. I was shy when I was younger, i'm still quiet but now I can talk to anybody, so I'd have no problem asking someone out. I know she's shy because other people have told me that about her before. I've known her a long time, but never saw her that much up until the last few months.
  9. There is a girl i've had a crush on for a few months now, its actually (this is where it gets complicated), my old boss/very good friends granddaughter... I have drinks with him every Friday... She recently moved in with him I'm 26, she's 21... Around Christmas time, I started to think she likes me back...When we are having beers in his garage, she just comes and hangs with us, doesn't say much to me, but blushes and giggles when I do talk to her and treats me different. I mean why would she come and just sit with us and play on her phone. Its like she wants to be around me, but pretends like
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