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  1. Okay hi everyone, Thanks for putting your opinion and thoughts..on my Thread Also i wanted to make a few things clear I am not getting bullied at school, I only said that to so you guys can understand what was going on that ONE day I do not get bullied at all , Also my parents are very clear of everything going on with me including my mental health, I am seeing counclers about all that stuff so I am okay. Also Im not looking for ANY type of attention from posting this .. or doing those action I only said what was going on so that people could get a good description .. if that make sense?
  2. I really like this thread. sadly she stopped posting :(
  3. My mother said they same thing.. But then in the end she told me she didnt mean it but it still hurt to hear. try not to think to much of it she was probley just really angry at the moment.
  4. Hi, Im new to this so hear I go.. So me and my bestifriend have been friends for about two years we had another friend in our group but she moved away not two long ago. My bestfriend lets call her "M", So me and M we are like Really close, by close I mean we would tell eachother everything we have the same stuff in comman. Music, drawing, colors, birthdays, etc. So me and M started being touchy feely with eachother like all the time, In school we would lock hands while we would walk, I would walk her to class and so would she. She would tell me how much she loved me and I would always say t
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