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  1. So he’s a doctor and I’m studying to be a doctor also. He mentors me and we support each other in times of despair. We don’t really go out much because he’s sometimes busy but he does go out of his way to make time for me. He makes me so happy. When I’m with him I can’t stop smiling. We’re playful. But we know when to get serious. He just gets me. I can’t tell him anything and he doesn’t judge me instead he gives me advice. I love that. But sometimes I feel like our age gap and our paths will slowly ruin our relationship. I’m somewhat insecure and I always feel like he’s going to leave me for someone else his age. But whenever I bring it up he quickly dismisses it and it makes him upset when I think like that. I just love him but I don’t want to stick around then get my heart broken when I could have saved myself.
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