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  1. The pain is coming from loss obviously. But loss of someone I planned to spend the rest of my life with. That I realized this is it. This what I want to do and be with and work with. But I put my life on hold for this. It took too much time out of my life and didn’t help me with my career or my happiness. I’m rdy to start getting better but I also have a light of hope that in the future we in re-kindle.
  2. Well we talked about it, it wasn’t just a story. I talked to her about it. Before I came back to her I had to make sure this was something that was possible and that I wanted. That I needed to have answers on my end of really important future discussions that we both thought would work out in the end. It was a lot. It wasn’t an easy decision to just decide. That’s why when I came back I had to be sure. This was something that I wanted because before this was something she wanted, but as I said role reversal I might not be what she wants now that her eyes widened. Tbh, from where I am now
  3. Yeah agreed, I’m sorry for the poor choice of words. I know they are just people just like me. When I broke up with her I stepped away and I thought what would life be like together in a future we would have together. Would I be okay with it? Happy in it?would she feel happy about it? Would everything she want be good enough for her. All the conflicts of interest, but I came to realize that the relationship/future between us was possible. I don’t have any doubts now, but as you said she probably does now. When I was questioning everything, I was a poor partner I didn’t communicate. I didnt tel
  4. Appreciate the post, she doesn’t know what I did and I would never do what I did again. It was unlike me. She didn’t know about the other person involved just knowing that I was 50-50 and confused, but I’m past that and I showed her I was past being 50-50 with her. I was all in and there’s nothing more that I wanted.
  5. It’s really not relevant, ThAts why I’m not asking to you to focus on my last thread.
  6. That’s exactly what I’m going to do, work on myself. Get myself back to where I want to be. In my brain and heart all those cultural an religious differences which I had alarmed me prior I am now willing to endeavor in and be apart of.
  7. That’s exactly what I’m going to do, work on myself. Get myself back to where I want to be. In my brain and heart all those cultural an religious differences which I had alarmed me prior I am now willing to endeavor in and be apart of.
  8. Appreciate the reply. I put 150% because I was super committed to being with her. I know knew I was willing to take those big steps with her that I was unsure of before. I felt like how I was in when we first met. I’m not scared of being alone. Maybe I was too much for her, but she even told me that she saw the change and work I was putting in to help her and show her this is true. I actually had decided my original GF was who I truly loved and wanted to be with. That the complications I was thinking of could be dealt with and prosper in the future. I didn’t just pick her because the things wi
  9. Me and my ex broke up in January. I broke up with her because I was losing feeling for her and was 50-50 about our future. We come from different backgrounds/religions and have some other complicated situations for our future. In February and March I thought I was ready to commit and be to her but I still was not sure. So I crushed her. I was still 50-50 I was her first love. We met at the End of April and talked about things and decided that getting back together would be possible. I was in a in different mindset to commit to her. She was still hesitant. We met at the end of May bec
  10. Ah yes, I know I’m the bad one. The selfish and the jerk and I did break up with her. Do I regret what I did yes. Did I have an sexual interaction with the other no. Yes giving ur time to another woman is cheating. I’m not disagreeing with you at all. I saw something that was easier and enjoyed it since it was new and fresh and two years in I doubted my relationship and didn’t bring it up and work on it To letting both go, and not contacting them. I do agree it’s a good idea and an unselfish road to take and it’s selfish to not want to lose out on both. Why can’t it be if ur truly
  11. The ex gf did not know I was interested in someone else and I spent time with them. But I did tell her that I wasn’t sure if I wanted a future with her and wasn’t 100% in love with her. My ex gf is willing to see me this weekend and talk to her but I have to show actions to win her back and it’s sort of a reset. The other girl is content atm. To @daisyMayPorter I did no contact for like 2-3 weeks for each one. I don’t think that would help again. I have thought a lot of about all of this for quite some time. I know someone will get hurt and I will lose one. I just feel like my left ov
  12. have dated my ex for two years A year and a half into the relationship I grew feelings for someone else and put myself in a pickle. A person who is more relatable to me. Someone who has a similar lifestyle to me. My girlfriend at the time has different religious and traditional differences than me.(no sex but other things are okay and cultural differences.) She also grew up in another country then me so communication on things we like are different and sometimes we don’t get what each other mean. As time went on though we grew as a couple we talked things out but when I met that girl w
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