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  1. ThatwasThen: I noticed i made a writing error. My memory is fading as i get older. It should have been "Your Obstinate." I can only request from the future, when it's necessary. Conjuror's are aware of the afterlife. There's a difference between a Conjuror and a Prophet. As for Sammspiess and following up the post. For some reason Samm isn't interested in what people have to suggest. Much can be learned from what people suggest. That's one of the internet's better features. In fact, an acceleration in progress is going on because of this internet. Sammspiess must stay in touch because some of these posts and replies are probably helpful.
  2. ThatwasThen: Alarm the public about daily Height loss that we regain during sleep? I don't trust doctors! Most people may not trust doctors. Since they know how to cause cancer and other diseases, they also know how to cure them. Be weary of doctors (not all because most don't know what's going on) and choose those that are ridiculed. Doctors have power. They can either kill you or save you. They've known how to bring dead people back to life for near 100 years. Doctor Cornish is the infamous Miracle Worker. The Defibrillator is a conception derived from Dr. Cornish. He thought if he could get a dead animals or a dead humans heart beating again, they would be brought back to life. He was correct. It don't matter. We will all die from old age. What did Dr. Cornish get for his achievements? Insults! They called him a Mad Scientist. Possibly because of Frankenstein. This is from Samsname.
  3. boltrun: You don't have to worry about a terrorist threat! That's because you were not a target. I'm a target! Did you know all humans decrease in Height daily. Anywhere from a half an inch to over an inch. They regain their normal height during sleep. It was ThatwasThen that used the Terrorist Threat. If you don't know about daily Height decrease, that's what much of this attention is about. ThatwasThen thinks it's Fake News. First investigate before using insults or terrorists threats. Google or youtube "daily Height loss." Since ThatwasThen is too stubborn to investigate this fascinating Subject, your correct about Nothing Changes. It is a fascinating Subject. Not to ThatwasThen who thinks it's Fake News.
  4. ThatwasThen: Your are Obstinate! The future will be investigating you for interference or any other possible illegal activity. Remember to keep to the subject. In this case it's about Sammspiess and Height Loss and also anorexia. It's not about Fake News. I'm a Conjuror. I request or instruct some future entity or entities, to investigate. By refusing to cooperate, you allow law enforcement to get involved. Not law enforcement from this time. Their from 1,000 years in the future. This internet has to be policed. The Subject is Height Loss and anorexia. You swerved off course. Those trained in these matters, know right from wrong. Keep to the Subject which is Height Loss and anorexia. This is from Samsname. Stay out of trouble ThatwasThen. We are nothing to the future. They control our destinies.
  5. ThatwasThen: A 19 your kid that has lost 2 inches in Height is a rarity. Sammspiess did not include information about losing 2 inches daily. Just that 2 inches in Height was lost. That's a concern. Anorexia is serious. Eating 5,000 calories a day is not going to be of help. Drink 6 to 10 cups of Green Tea a day is more helpful. You'd think a person that eats up to 5,000 calories a day in food and drink, would gain weight. If Samm is gaining weight, that could be why there is a 2 inch decrease in Height. Weightlifters will tend to lose height as a result of weightlifting. Drinking Green Tea is a possible solution. Eating 5,000 calories a day in food and drink is not a solution. That extra weight will in fact decrease one's Height. I'm Samsname. You have to investigate daily Height Loss. By doing so, you will learn. Since you have lost an inch in Height, i take that to understand, you are over 60 years in age. If you are 5'5" now, you are really about 5'6" in Height. When you were 5'6" you were closer to 5'7" in Height. Some people do lose up to 2 inches in Height daily, especially weightlifters. They regain their normal Height during sleep. Measure your Height after waking up. That's your correct tallest Height. Around 6 to 8 hours later, your Height will decrease a half an inch or more. During sleep, you regain your normal height. It deals with the back. Investigate daily Height Loss. And either your left leg or right leg is longer. Measure your Height after waking up, on each leg. Use a hardback book. Place it firmly against a wall then gently lower it to the top of your head. Draw a mark for each measurement. The leg you are tallest on, is your correct tallest Height. Samm has to keep calorie intake under 2,000 calories a day and try stretch exercises or yoga. All weight gain will decrease one's Height. If Samm's doctor knows about the 5,000 calorie daily diet, he/she would forbid it. If a person has anorexia, they must obey rules. Eat recommended calorie intake. Forbid meat because livestock is fattened up before being slaughtered. It makes you fat. Forbid fastfood and junkfood. Augur's will not do anything to prevent their distribution. Cereal's must be avoided. They are high in carbohydrates and vitamins. Avoid rolled oatmeal. Both old fashioned and quick oats. Steel cut oats are good for you. They take longer to cook yet they are far better. Try tofu products like bacon, cheese, sausage and tofurky and tofu smart dogs. They do have fat yet they are better for you. 5,000 calories a day is awful. It causes weight gain. Thus, the possible reason for the 2 inch Height decrease.
  6. Melancholy123: It's more a fascination than an obsession. I just recently discovered that we all lose from a half an inch to over an inch in Height daily. We regain our normal Height during sleep. It deals with the back. More so women than men. If your left handed, measure your Height standing on your left leg only. Then measure your Height standing on your right leg only. There will be a difference. Then compare the measurements with the measurement you did standing on both your legs. If your left handed, your left leg measurement may be closer to the Height you did standing on both your legs. Either it's because your left handed or it's because of the heart. If your right leg is closer to the Height you measured standing on both your legs, it possibly means it's because of the heart. Use a hardback book. Place it firmly against a wall then lower it gently to the top of your head. Draw a mark. Do so for all three measurements. Both legs than your left leg and next your right leg. The leg that has your tallest Height is your actual tallest height. However, the shorter leg is the leg where weight is placed more frequently. There's no way to make an accurate measurement using your tallest leg. It's because your weight is mostly on your shorter leg. If you actually do the measurements, reply back. This Height Loss is fascinating. Doctors are keeping this confidential.
  7. No! All humans have one leg that is shorter than their other leg. It may be because of the heart or if one is left handed or right handed. Measure your Height standing on your left leg. Next measure your Height standing on your right leg. There will be a difference. Compare the measurements with your Height Standing on both your legs. The leg that is closer to the Height you measured standing on both your legs, is the leg you favor or the leg you place most your weight on. Your correct tallest height is the leg that has your tallest height. However, since your leg that is shorter than your longer leg, is almost equal to the Height you measured standing on both legs, they always use that Height as your actual Height. Your actually taller though. It's awkward yet a part of life. Nearly all doctors keep it confidential or don't tell their patients. Discovering we all lose from an inch to over an inch in Height daily, is actually beneficial. We humans like a challenge. It may lead to certain cures.
  8. Are you trying to be a good girl? Your confused! My user name is samsnames (they usually change it for some reason). That 19 year old with the user name Sammspiess (use caution when a person includes spy or spies in their user name because that person could be a federal agent or possibly an augur) is the one your interested in. I'm 60 years old. I did not include "Fake News." What i wrote is true. I did not know about Height Loss until recently. That's largely what my post is about. You should not have included a terrorist threat. Why should anyone see a psychiatrist, when Height Loss is a part of daily life.? It's not Fake News. It's a Fact of Life. I'm a Conjuror! Google "Define Conjuror." I advise you not to use Terrorist Threats. First, investigate what the subject is about. If you do that, you will learn that Height Loss is a Fact of Life. We all decrease in Height daily. Anywhere from a half an inch to an inch. In some cases it's more than an inch. During sleep we regain our normal height. After waking up, that's when we are tallest. Within 6 or so hours, we will have decreased in Height by 5/8 of an inch to 3/4 of an inch. We may actually commence to regain height shortly before going to sleep. DO NOT USE TERRORIST THREATS! Look for Sammspiess post again. I don't know about that person. When a person includes "Spy or Spies" in their user names, they are not to be trusted. If you don't know what an "Augur" is, investigate what "Augur" means. Our leaders are "Augurs." They are used like prophets are used. You know what "In-'au-gur'-a-tion" means. It means our leaders are being used. They are sworn in to be Puppets. First investigate! If you are convinced it's yet bogus, you are too stubborn. Like Grandma Walton! Next thing to do after you investigate, is measure your Height after waking up and before going to sleep. In fact, measure your Height at least 3 times a day for a moon or month, than determine if they are wrong or if you are on the right train. It's your decision. No one can make your decisions. Unless, you happen to be doing time. Now we know Grandma Walton would find this absolutely ridiculous! She will make a good Prison Guard. Better yet, she will be better are ruling Prisons. Would you like to know Grandma Walton? I can preordain it. She will even teach you how to Play Muslim or act. Now that can be good reason to use a terrorist threat. However, I'm a Conjuror. I request. I am not used or i am not an "Augur." For some darn reason people love to Spy. In fact, we all love to Spy. Looking through that peep device is "Awesome." Spy on women while they "Excuse Me." We all do it! For most, that's when we are quite young. Some become so infatuated with "Spy Work" they actually make it their living. Do your investigations! That's how we advance.
  9. Measure your height standing on your left leg. Then measure your height standing on your right leg. There should be a difference. Possibly because of the heart or if one is left handed or right handed. Not quite an obsession. It's awkward. I did not know we all decrease in height daily then regain normal height during sleep, until recently. Though we don't learn new things daily, once and a while we are put on the right train. That's how we advance education.
  10. It happens to everybody. Not just me. Measure your height standing on your left leg. Then measure your height standing on your right leg. Either the height discrepancy is because of the heart or if one is left handed or right handed. This height discrepancy is fascinating. I just recently discovered it. Doctors already know about it. That's why they went to school. However, i don't trust doctors. They have known how to bring dead animals and people back to life for near 100 years. One case involved a dead animal that was dead for two weeks. They brought it back to life. It did well for a while then deteriorated.
  11. I didn't find out about "height loss" until recently. We all shrink from a half an inch to over an inch daily. And after reaching age 40, we shrink around a half an inch per decade from aging. It's more after age 60. What i also recently discovered, is somewhat bothersome. I'm tallest standing on my right leg. On my left leg, I'm about 3/8 of an inch shorter. Should humans height be measured standing on both legs? It's not going to be correct or equal. Use your heels. It should be closer to your left leg than your right leg. The discrepancy is probably because of your heart or possibly because your left handed or right handed. Your tallest after waking up. As the day progresses, your height will decrease from pressure put on your back. Before going to bed, your height will be significantly shorter than after waking up. It happens daily. During sleep, your body regains it's normal height. After waking up, my height is 5 feet 6 and half inches. Before going to bed, it is around 5 feet 5 and 3/4 inches. That's 3/4 of an inch height decrease which is normal. I'm 60 years old. Height decrease supposedly increases at this age. There are several ways of measuring your height. It's important to measure your height after waking up and also just on your left leg and right leg. Your correct tallest height should be on your right leg. However, since your right leg is longer, your height measured standing on both legs, will be closer to the length of your left leg which is awkward. Stretch exercises may prevent height decrease. As for weight lifting, you may want to avoid it, if you want to stop height decrease. Lifting weight is not good for your back. If your in your 40's and older, instead of weight lifting, do stretch exercises. They may prevent height decrease. You want to expand out. Not down. What does lifting weights do? The added weight, will decrease your height as well as strengthen your muscles.
  12. You shouldn't be losing height at 19 years old. However, after you wake up, you commence to lose height. On average, it's from a half an to an inch daily. If it's over an inch daily, you than have a health issue. You are tallest after waking up. If you were anorexic, you shouldn't be in decline. Your doctor may want to examine you again. Besides that, do research on "height loss daily." There are people that lose up to 2 inches daily. However, that is not normal. Most important advance to take is measuring your height daily, after waking up and before going to bed. Report it to your doctor. Humans commence to lose height at around 40 years of age. Usually about a half an inch per decade. After 60 years of age, it's more.
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