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  1. I have feelings for him I just dont really know if it's real for him or not
  2. I've been dating this guy who is about 2 decades older than me for 2 months now. Before me ,he hadn't been in a relationship for 6 yrs and he is just very set in his routine and comfortable being alone. I'm the opposite I like affection and I show it verbally and with my actions. Hes quite different he says he only shows emotions through actions. He'll cook for me or do other small things that show care but sometimes because it's not a constant thing in our relationship I wonder if he truly feels something for me . Hell ,call me needy but I sometimes like reassurance that the feelings are not one sided. Like there are times where I'll tell him I miss him and I get no response but then I'll ask something like do you want a casual relationship and he says it's not his thing . He says he wants to take things slow because hes been in situations where things went fast and they died out. Maybe it's my past experiences or womanly intuition but I don't know if I believe that . Anyway fast foward to us getting intimate he reveals he has a kink . He likes being cuckolded. I have barely had sexual experiences. I've only been intimate with one other besides him and dont know how I feel about doing that with a stranger just so he can live out his fantasy . I don't want to jump for someone when I'm not really sure where this is going . Sometimes he'll talk about future plans or say things like I'm not asking for the fantasy right now, that would take time and care , in the distant future. And that there are many elements that play into the fantasy. He said he likes being my guardian and protector . I also asked if I were to actually make this fantasy a reality if I could do it with someone I have an emotional connection to , he said no it can only be sexual. Am I crazy or is this man ing with me? We've had sex twice before , could he just be saying things like that to get what he wants and that's it or are his feelings genuine?
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