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  1. Nope i wont defend what i did. The only thing one day i would like to see this other person and apologize to them for emotionally leading them on.
  2. Thanks you to everyone that replied. WOW i have had a look hard look and myself and realized im not the person i thought it was. I have decided im not going to reply to the text message she sent me i just going to forget about her and move on with life and let her get on with her life as what i did to her was not a very nice thing.
  3. I know i should of gotten free but i was too scared to break up with my girlfriend as i dont want to hurt her I dont know what situations im choosing all i know is if i was single i would of gone after the friend but now i fee l i have blown that opportunity
  4. Never thought about it like that but yes you are correct i did. I told her once/twice i like her but she said oh you dont want to be with me i have kids, married twice blah blah She may have moved on but i know it wont last Yes i know i need to but its a hard thing to do.
  5. 1st I need to start by saying I am in a relationship for 10+ years and with the person below nothing sexual ever happened I became friendly with a girl at work as she broke up with her 2nd husband. She has two kids 16 and 13. First, I helped her out setting up a new phone then ended up given her my surround sound system I didn’t need. Anyway we became friendly and ended up hanging out 2/3 times a week. Something happened at work with this employee and they no longer works for the company but I still do. We didn’t see each other for 2-3 months due to what happened at work but when we cau
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