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  1. Nope i wont defend what i did. The only thing one day i would like to see this other person and apologize to them for emotionally leading them on.
  2. Thanks you to everyone that replied. WOW i have had a look hard look and myself and realized im not the person i thought it was. I have decided im not going to reply to the text message she sent me i just going to forget about her and move on with life and let her get on with her life as what i did to her was not a very nice thing.
  3. I know i should of gotten free but i was too scared to break up with my girlfriend as i dont want to hurt her I dont know what situations im choosing all i know is if i was single i would of gone after the friend but now i fee l i have blown that opportunity
  4. Never thought about it like that but yes you are correct i did. I told her once/twice i like her but she said oh you dont want to be with me i have kids, married twice blah blah She may have moved on but i know it wont last Yes i know i need to but its a hard thing to do.
  5. 1st I need to start by saying I am in a relationship for 10+ years and with the person below nothing sexual ever happened I became friendly with a girl at work as she broke up with her 2nd husband. She has two kids 16 and 13. First, I helped her out setting up a new phone then ended up given her my surround sound system I didn’t need. Anyway we became friendly and ended up hanging out 2/3 times a week. Something happened at work with this employee and they no longer works for the company but I still do. We didn’t see each other for 2-3 months due to what happened at work but when we caught up again was like before we would hang out/drink/exercise/go out for food/take dogs for a walk etc. Sometimes the kids would be there sometimes not. Anyway the more time we spent together the more we found out how similar we were. One night she asked where does my girlfriend think I am when I with her? I said I don’t want to talk about her. I then asked her if you know I have a girlfriend why do you ask me around? She said because I like your company. I said well I like yours as well and I think you know as well as I that there is something between us. We had a quick conversation and we both said nothing can happen while im with someone and that was that but both said we need to talk about it again when its not late in the morning. Anyway kept hanging out, her kids even told her repeated times that we should go out but nothing ever happened. One week I got 5 messages from her asking if I was free to hang out. I also got a car for her daughter I busted my ass on it getting it ready for her XMAS Present. I always went out my way to help her and the kids by buying stuff like dinner, flowers when she was down etc etc. I was invited to her daughters 16th family dinner but declined as all her family was going to be there and I didn’t feel comfortable. Now after Christmas (I had to go over her house xmas night as the kids wanted to see me) things seems to change. She didn’t contact me as much and most for the time I needed to contact her. She then proceeded to tell me that she had met someone a few months ago but it wasn’t working out he was too much like her ex and already bossing the kids around and told me she was going to end it. So I was going to go all in and tell he I like her and I want to start something with her. Anyway I find out she hasn’t broke up with him and he was around her house for her 40th Birthday and posted one facebook how much he loves and she liked the picture. I then see hes posting her stuff for sale on facebook for her. Funny thing is this guy looks and is similar to her 1st husband. As others have told me she went with something that feels similar as before. She told me she wouldn’t date older guys but hes 8 years older. Again her previous marriages both men were older. I think she has some kind of issue. Once I found this out, I was done I didn’t want to see or hear from her again, so I deleted her number off my phone. I got a text from her the other day after two weeks of nothing asking how I was. Now im not sure what to do? The only reason I need to have contact with her is to get the car I gave her daughter transferred into her name. But then there is a part of me that still likes her but then I think did she just use me all this time?
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