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  1. Hello, I am here to ask if I am crazy/ out of my mind. MY boyfriend has been friends with one of his friends for a year longer than he has known me. They had become good/ close friends. Before we started going out, I hung out with them and she was calling him puppy names, being very touchy and got so drunk to the point she slightly threw up on herself and took off her shirt in front of him. Then when my boyfriend and I began to date, she started to speak negatively about me, she was rude towards me through text. He would not defend me. She would also say things like "oh you do not understand how many times you have left me here crying," messages like that.. which I think is strange to text a friend. Then on new years she goes, "Happy new years The reason she doesn't like me was because he began to spend less time with her and thought it was my fault but I think that sort of just happens sometimes, we just spend so much time together. The problem is, I asked for boundaries to be set. I know nothing is going on but it makes me VERY uncomfortable to have a female act this way with my man and on top of that disrespect me and be mean to me. I have expressed this and his response? "There are no boundaries to be set, our boundaries is that we are friends" He does not want to put any boundaries at all and I feel like at this point we are just going in circles. Am I out of line for asking for boundaries or how do I approach this?
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