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  1. In my experience, fwb being a good thing is a hit or miss. I had one when i didnt feel anything for the guy. I loved the concenience that i was getting some regularly and not havw to do gf duties. In this one that im in where im the one wanting more, it sucks big time. Its like ik addicted to him and having a hard time walking away. I regret letting this go on for a long time now (going 6 yrs). Little by little im convincing myself that its not doing me good. The only thing thata good is the sex but other stuff, very crappy.
  2. Ure right batya when u said its easier to stay in my comfort zone in exchange for feeling hurt once in a while.
  3. I plan to have no contact of him. Delete his phone # so i dont get tempted to text him. I also signed up for a dating up for distraction.
  4. Thank you again everyone! I appreciate it.
  5. Don't do it. I'm currently in this situation (fwb with someone from another state) and it will not work. You'll just end up getting hurt. Im currently in this situation and trying to get out.
  6. Ok i think im done with this thread. Thank you all for your input. You guys been great! Enjoy the rest of your day. 🙂
  7. To thatwasthen I do not accept money to service and be serviced. That just sounds so cheap. You made it sound dirty wos what hit my nerve. Its not like that. We hang out and do other stuff like normal friends do.
  8. To loyal Im not sleeping with just anybody and im not giving my milk for free. It takes a lot for me to sleep with somebody. I think too much is why. Been sleeping with this fwb going 6 years this year and wanna end it.
  9. To thatwasthen If ure getting agitated by this thread, please leave and dont comment. Last thing i want to do is ruin ur day by trying to be correct. Im sure u have ur own issues to resolve also.
  10. To thatwasthen No im not. I just fall for the wrong guys while ignoring guys who pursue me who could be the right guy. By the way, im new here and this is my first post. Im not complaining but just collecting on what other people think of my situation. Ive learned a lot from all u guys now its just my turn to execute what might help. Thank you all.
  11. To thatwasthen ?? Hes not paying me but helping me on the airfare. I actually brought that up that since he gets benefits from this then he needs to help out too or im out. Wish he said no then this madness would have ended a long time ago!
  12. To bluecstle Yah hopefully one day. Therapy? I dont know, maybe one day. Ive had some challenges before and im proud to say i made it out of the hole without therapy or meds. Thanks
  13. To Batya I do know how to control myself. Just not very good at matters that pertains to the heart.
  14. To wiseman I am over my last relationship. No im not a prostitute.
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