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  1. so I recently posted about trying to get back with an ex and that did not work out, he started dating someone else and I became clingy and wanted a full blown relationship and needless to say I scared him off.... I did tell ya'll that I had a best friend and family as emotional support. Well, I guess the hole left by lack of male attention let me to kind of poke around and put feelers out on him. the best friend. well although I do sincerely care for him, I am cautious in developing romantic feelings for him or more like I do NOT have any romantic feeling for him. although we have been
  2. Thanks everyone, the advice on here is unbelievably helpful. I can’t thank you enough for taking the time and care to respond to my questions. There has been no communication between me and this man. Suppose it’s for the best.
  3. Thanks Rose Mosse, I collected a bunch of his stuff or anything that reminded me of him, he was orange and I had an orange blanket for him, his water and food bowl, his brush ( he was a long haired cat) other stuff a picture and I put them all in a silver box. I also have his ashes and paw print and picture on the mantle . Oh I really miss him a lot. I guess I think now that I don't have a cat, maybe I am ready for a man to fill that role. My imagination really runs wild , I miss my ex a lot and wonder if he ever thinks about me.
  4. Thanks SophiaG. I only have one best friend, he is a guy. Other than that I only have my mom and sister and dad that I am close to. I work really hard and that is what I like to do with my time, but as for as friends or emotional support, its very small. Im just so depressed and hopeless. I have not contacted him for several days now only texted the other day 2 words hello and caught my self and then said bye. Its just sad , you know you love someone and then you realize they have completely and utterly destroyed you.
  5. hello Dash, I have been in a similar situation of a never-ending relationship, you just have to learn that you have not control except over yourself and your own feelings and the best you can do is live your life the way it makes you happy. move on, be cheerful. love yourself. and Hug yourself everyday even though you are broken and your heart longs for someone that you have had a past with. I moved on and met someone else. I healed with time therapy and everything everyone tells you about, but something always triggers my thoughts and there is always something that reminds me of him.
  6. hello forum. this is my first post. I was dating a man five years ago. we me online and dated for about 2 months. he said he wanted to take things slow and at the time I was really lonely and clingy and gave him an ultimatum of relationship or nothing. he said no to relationship and we stopped talking. fast forward to last summer, I was recently out of a long term relationship and we started flirting again, I saw on his facebook that he was single. that lasted about 1 month. same thing again. I wanted to take things further, but he is really aloof and sometimes into his hobbies
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