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  1. For the first year of our relationship everything was great. He was the first person I ever confided in about my anxiety, he saw himself as my protector and always wanted to make sure I wasnt nervous or worried. Now, nearly 3 years into the relationship, he gets mad at me for being anxious. He swears that's not what it is, that hes mad at himself for making me anxious or not being able to help but, he takes it out on me which turns a little bit of anxiety into a panic attack. He'll try and contain his temper and itll be good for a week or two and then hes back to yelling and cussing at me. We're going to live together in August so I really want to work this out now. "Yelling" over text and the phone is one thing. I dont think I'll be able to handle it if it was in person. It makes me feel like a burden but at the same time he feels useless because he cant help. How do we fix this? And how do I approach him about it in a way that wont make him feel like he's being attacked?
  2. I've been with my boyfriend (the only one I've ever had) for nearly 3 years. We plan on renting an apartment together for college so I want to make sure we both want to be together an equal amount. I always feel like I care more but, he says that it's just because he doesnt know how to express himself, he's big on masculinity and doesnt understand that being romantic and loving doesnt make him less of a man. Theirs a group chat we're both in that he replied too. Yet, he didnt reply to my text before that. I even sent one after because I figured he was on his phone, and he didnt reply. Hes done this before and we've talked about it but he does stuff like this all the time. When I bring it up he's all apologetic but then turns arround and does it again. Am I overreacting for worrying about it or should I be worried? Most people would say he was cheating or something but he gave me a promise ring a month ago. Is he just being a dumb teenage boy or does he really not care?
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