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  1. We werent broken up.. We were still together!! He was being a little distant and I mentioned it to him and he apologized and promised to make it all up to me.. And then this happened. And I haven't heard from him since that day
  2. Me and my bf of 2 years had a good relationship. We had an amazing connection and we talked about marriage and were super serious.. He lived with me for a bit then we didn't agree on some things (financially) so I told him to move out until we got married.. He was all about me all day and every day. I was literally his world. I would tell him to go and hang out with friends so I can have some alone time.. After his brother moved to town I noticed him changing.. He wanted to hook his brother up with a girl I know who is a straight up hoe. I warned him many times she is a home wrecker and she will stop at nothing but to ruin lives and I wanted him to have nothing to do with her.. For a few weeks we started having problems.. But he said he would never let me go and he would fight to the end to fix our relationship. He refused to let me break up with him.. On Valentine's day he stood me up even tho we had plans and I accidently found out he's at this girls house. He has never cheated before. I went there and txted her to tell my man to come out.. He would not come out. Too scared to face me.. He ended up staying there the whole weekend and I haven't heard from him since. It's been 5 days. I'm so confused. Why did he do this? Why didn't he just let me break up. Why isn't he talking to me.. Shouldn't he be begging me by now??? What do I do? I'm so hurt and dying to hear from him. I need answers!!!
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