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  1. Now that i think about it, my ex also took me to some of his all guys events. And I believe that we all had fun and nobody had problem with it... And yeah, including GF/BF into circle of friends and their activities probably says a lot about commitment.
  2. Well, I suppose they didn't have to change anything, or at least not much. And even if i couldnt go, I wouldnt ask him to cancel his plans just to be at home with me... He indeed went to other vacations without me, when i had to stay because of my job, as i said. And I dont do this because of jealousy or anything, I was just interested in same destination they are going, and he might assumed that. That's why I was sad that he didn't include me. If I'll go and i'm gonna feel like fifth wheel I dont know... if I would, then I wont be asking to go with them next time and we can distinguish our vacations with friends and those with each other (and maybe with other friends).
  3. Thank you all for your opinions, seems like everyone has different one. I also dont see problem, if someone in relationship goes on weekend with friends, but different situation is when its long trip and to place where the other one would love to visit too. Also i take it its guy's trip in sense like sleeping in tent and showering few times a week, so i pressume that other guys GFs would prefer that vacation. We talked about it and it seems like there is still posibility to include me, although its not sure. We then agreed that if it doesnt work out that we will take another vacation for ourselves... Although shorter... Well, its probable, that he still isnt much comitted in our relationship as someone would expect after more than year and a half. Thats another thing, and it takes time...
  4. Hi everyone. Ive been dating someone for about year and half. We both had some family issues in the past and because of that its not always easy for us to built good relationships. However about this i feel good, we like each other and are helping each other (at least i hope so). But now happened something and i dont know how to feel about. About three months back we agreed about going on some trip together this spring. We share some hobbies and thus opinion about what perfect trip should be like. But now he told me, that few days back he agreed to have three week vacation with his friends and that its their "boys trip". Actually, i would really love to visit those exact same places they are going to and go birdwatching with them, but when he told me about it, it was already too late to join them. I dont want to "constrain" him, i believe he has a lot of free time for himself and i dont mind him going for nights out and free weekends with his friends when he wants to, but i dont like this, i feel like being left out. What frustrates me the most is, that he didnt even considered asking about me going with them, he should know i would want to go too and yet he informed me about that like its nothing. I probably should also add that its not for the first time he went for a vacation without me and he also didnt ask me, but last year i didnt mind because it was arranged before we have been with each other long enough, or because of work i couldnt go anyway. We have been together on one vacation, with out mutual friends which was arranged before we started dating seriously, that was perfect. And he also took me on some weekend actions. I know, that talking about it with him should be next step, but... I guess i dont know if i even have right to be somehow dissapointed. If i just dont have too high expectations when i want to spend vacations with him. What do you think, do you or anyone you know had similar experience? How would you feel like in my place? I am grateful for any advice.
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