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  1. It's nice to think that could be the case, that he was still turned on by the sex we just had. It was pretty damn good :) I just had a mental wobble when I posted this thread I think. But all of these last few replies are good fuel for the understanding fire haha
  2. Thank you, it's good to think of it that way. Your replies have been helpful :) xx
  3. Yes these are all points I've come to understand. I used to be in a relationship where we never had sex and my ex just masturbated himself silly. I shook off past experiences and concerns for this relationship and learned to accept it as normal and good for the relationship even. Everyone pretty much does it, so I'm not holding it against him. I was just surprised it was straight after sex is all. I'm guessing he still felt a bit horny, or just wanted a different type of release.. which is fine too :) I think when we get a house and more space it'll be better. Thanks for the advice.
  4. Yes, I usually do have the tv on but was still in bed at this point. We are currently house hunting as we are aware we need more space and privacy. We have a good relationship, and love each other very much. I was just a bit confused this morning.
  5. We live in a small cabin which is all one room, and the bathroom is the only separate room that has a thin fabric door on it. If you're stood in the kitchen you're right next to the door for example. I know I sound like some crazy girlfriend, who's like the masturbatory police or something. That isnt the case at all, I've accepted that it happens and I'm fine with it, I was just wondering why it would be needed just after sex.. just to further get my head around it, although I'm kind of regretting posting on here now xD
  6. I can hear the fapping (sorry I hate that word) and heavy breathing. Plus he always takes a lot longer in the shower. We live in a small space so it's hard not to hear.. I'm not sat outside the door listening or anything weird :)
  7. I have recently been trying to come to terms with, and accept, that masturbation is normal in a relationship. Whenever I would hear my partner masturbating in the shower I would get upset. I realised (after internet research) that it was normal and even good for the relationship in some ways. So even though it still makes me feel uncomfortable when I hear it, I'm slowly starting to get used to it. I masturbate too, but I have a much higher libido than my partner. However, something that kicked me off the understanding band wagon happened this morning. My partner and I had just finished hav
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