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  1. Wow, I am so used to help boards where you don't get a response for weeks. This is great! Thank you so much everybody, I feel like I finally have a place to have some very awesome support. You guys rock! Thank you!
  2. I am going to go against everybody here and say while yes, true love is about taking the good with the bad, each partner has to meet each other half way in order for a relationship to be fair. It is not fair, fun, or healthy for a relationship to be about one strong/stable person and one who does not put up a similar level of effort. This early on, it's not like it is going to get better with time, unless you genuinely believe what he is going through is a temporary hardship he can get through. If you believe the latter to be true, stick with it and give him some time to work through his is
  3. My partner (we are a lesbian couple) is 5'7" and 170lbs, used to be an athletic US Marine. She is very self-conscious about her weight gain the past couple years. I tell her I do not care what the scale says, and I am being genuine. I love her just the way she is and just want her to be happy. She frequently talks about wanting to go on a diet and exercise plan, but implies in order for her to go through with it, I have to do it with her. Issue is, I am 5'3" and 108 lbs and don't have much weight to lose. My metabolism is just higher than hers. I have no issue picking up my exercise game
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