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  1. Thank you so much dear. I have been trying to do exactly as you have said. There are days when I feel really sad. Like yesterday i don't know what took over me.....I put up status to see if he viewed them and he hasn't. Normally I would feel bad, even now I think I'm feeling bad but not as much as before. Plus I have this stubborn false hope that keeps saying "he'll be back". I want to get over with this hope. I seriously want to move on but I don't know why I'm being pulled back....! I'm tired.
  2. Hey thank you so much for this.....there have been days when I have looked at myself with despair, thinking what the heck and why the heck I'm hurting myself and I received no answer from within. I have this stubborn hope inside me that keeps telling me that "He'll be back". I'm sooooo frustrated with this false feeling of hope. I want to give up hoping and I'm not able to do that.
  3. OMG i never thought it this way. Honestly, I'm not afraid of marriage. I'm afraid of marrying the wrong person.
  4. Nope he isn't the first one I met.....also I did tell my parents that he ain't interested. My parents have already resorted to looking for further matches. But I just can't concentrate on others.
  5. I contemplated blocking him at one point of time but there is this weird thing going on inside...."What is he wants to reach out to you someday? What if he comes back?"....and honestly that is what has stopped me from blocking him. I did not block him, but also I do not have his number in my phone book. I sooo desperately want to move on....I honestly just want to forget him....I'm tired.
  6. Damn....that hit like an arrow! And that's the ultimate truth. That is the reason I never visit his profile in fear of ending up viewing him with somebody else. That will kill me. Also, my parents are still searching, I also talked to few but I keep missing him.
  7. Hey love ❤️ hope you are doing alright. I am stuck at the exact same situation you wrote in your post. Prior to this pandemic, at-least staying in office made me talk to other people. Now I am just stuck at my home. I do not find interest in anything yet I force myself to do stuff to take my mind off him. None of it is helping me though....feels like I'm in quicksand....I'm being pulled deeper and deeper into a hole. This pain of trying to move on when no one is around is getting too much at times. But I know we will eventually be at peace with ourselves and not give an F about those who
  8. It is the pandemic here now so can't even go out much. Mostly I'm watching youtube or netflix or browsing in my free time.
  9. Oh I haven't looked him up for almost a month now. But there is this urge in me at times and I really have to fight it. Today is one such day. I feel soooo stupid for falling for someone who doesn't even care.
  10. I know perhaps there is nothing to hold on to but I miss the conversations, the habit of talking to him all day long. And as far as attachment issue is concerned, I really don't know. Last time also, when I fell for a colleague of mine, despite him saying he wasn't interested, I was unable to move on from him for over a year. Even I'm frustrated at the very thought of him.....I don't know why I'm holding on to something that merely existed.
  11. That's exactly what I'm trying to do. I'm just trying to let it all go and somehow it's making me more sad. He is the last person I think of when I go to sleep and the first person on my mind when I wake up. I soooo badly want to move on.
  12. Just start by complementing his t-shirt or something.
  13. Hey Jason....hope you are doing well. ❤️ When anybody expresses even a slightest of positive affection for us, we all get excited. The same happened with you. Prior to her telling you that she liked you, you practically took her just as a friend. And now look at you.....blushing at even the smallest mention of her name. This warm fuzzy feeling is undoubtedly nice but ask yourself these questions before you take any decision. 1. What is she just "LIKES" you and nothing else? 2. What will be her status with her boyfriend (whom she is currently not broken off with.....they are just
  14. Hey Holly....thanks for reading and replying ❤️ I did think of blocking him everywhere once but won't that look immature...???? I did remove him from everywhere and I control myself a lot.....i always feel like viewing his profile and checking his pictures but I quickly engage myself in other activities. Will blocking really help..????
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