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  1. I know it's what needs to happen it just gets hard when she is going to cut herself. I feel real guilty leaving.
  2. Wow a lot of hate for me here lol, but I will take the feedback as constructively as I can there has also been some helpful comments so thank you for those. Yes I have tried ending this relationship many times. She has begged and begged me not to and threatened to hurt herself if I did. Just so we are clear He had an offense with his then girlfriend and yes he is a convicted rapist. And I do not condone rape in any way. I agree I could have a better friend that is not a rapist. My judgment could improve. What I was saying is I do not know the full story of her rape, but what
  3. And to reiterate I hang out with him every couple months. She hangs out with her friend 4 times a week and daily if u take into account her driving him to work and going to the vape shop I have no other friends cuz my age and life happens. Friends move away mostly and I have also been very sick for the last 9 years. Chronic dizziness, graves disease, type 1 diabetes and have just in the past couple years started to hang out and feel like it, but she squashed it and just been hanging out with her. And to update I went and hung out last weekend 1 night and planning to this Sat and we fou
  4. We met on an online dating website. Yeah I don't think the age gap is as big a deal as a lot of people make it out to be, but not disregarding it either. Yes I am sure she still considers him a rapist as does the rest of the world including me.
  5. she does need a better bf thank you. And Touche I guess we haven't been fortunate enough to find those friends.
  6. To be honest he has gone above and beyond what I ever thought he'd do as far as like a career. Got out of prison and started over from rock bottom amd worked his way all the way up to a good paying job. He said he'd never date a single mom and he is now married to her and is the only provider to their family. BUTTT he has cheated on her and I let my gf know that. That was probably a mistake I dont know. I have also cheated on my GF so I am thinking this is a reason why she thinks we will get some girls or something. Your right the age difference, but we have gotten along very well,
  7. My girlfriend I have been with for 3 years doesn't want me to hangout with my bestfriend and her reasoning is becasue he is a rapist. He is indeed a convicted rapist and served 7 years in prison with 5 years probation. I knew him before he went in and have remained friends.ive known home like 18 years. He is actually like the only friend I have left. I'm 34 and my gf is 22. My gf told me she was raped, but I'm not sure how many times or by how many people. The one rape story she told me did not sound like rape to me. Just that she didnt really want to and then did, but nothing force
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