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  1. Well, Wednesday was a good day we talked all day and Video called on Snapchat all night, but then same then same thing Thursday, 2/3 texts from her in the morning then nothing since then. Think everyone was right she just wants someone to talk to, just really didn’t want to believe it. Even if she texts back i won’t answer, i guess that’s the right thing to do even though it ing sucks.
  2. There’s nothing I’d love to do more than take her on a date, but she is 3 hours away, and I’m not sure what she wants, and I’m not even sure she knows what she wants. She just got out of a relationship she could want to date me, she could just want someone to talk to, she could just want something casual, she could be using me to make herself feel better and etc. If I ask her out and tell her how I feel it could scare her off, but either way, with what’s going on now, I can’t make any progress with 2 hours and 12 texts a day and I don’t know what to do
  3. She is 3+ hours and 4 states away, it’s not that simple. That’s why we are texting, if driving to see her was an option I would but she’s away at school, and I can’t just invite myself to stay with her anymore at this point
  4. I’m starting to think that as well she did the same thing today, just sucks to hear. Not going to ignore her though, if there’s a chance I need to take it
  5. Thanks for the feedback everyone, really means a lot
  6. Important to add that we have been with each other physically in the past. She confessed how much she liked me when I broke up with my ex a year and a half ago, we had a good thing for a couple of weeks but long story short I started ignoring her, and briefly and secretly took my ex back. The more I ignored her, tried to steer her away, and treated her like garbage the more she wanted me. Eventually I told her about my ex, she started dating someone else a month later, I broke up with my ex the same time. In that year and a half they dated, she would message me a lot but lost interest after a
  7. I need an outside opinion. A girl I really really like and have a history with broke up with her boyfriend last week, and she texted me as soon as she did, and I’m not sure what to think of it. At first she was texting me all day and responding me to like super fast, telling me she misses me, telling me she really wants me to go visit her and spend the weekend with her and etc. It was amazing, now we only text for a 2 hour time period throughout the day, she just stops answering mid conversation, then posts on insta, and I don’t hear from her. It really ing sucks but I figure w/e she lost int
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