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  1. I realise now that I sounded rather childish saying "its not fair". The relationship itself is fine, he is just angry about the circumstance and doesn't want me to see him considering I put a lot of time and effort into travelling to visit him. If anything from my perspective he is the one that needs to grow up? I appreciate the honest feedback.
  2. Whilst I understand I have done something wrong I just feel its unfair that its pinned down all onto me when it was in fact him that made the mistake int he first place, and to punish me by not letting me see him when I don't get to often see him is just not fair.
  3. No it was just his 'mistake' it didn't involve me or another person but it was something he did. We have been together 7 months.
  4. A while back my boyfriend made a bad decision whilst drunk and confessed to me that night whilst I was sleeping. I woke up the next morning worried sick if he was okay and it put me through so much stress and trauma. He was thankfully okay and whether the decision was right or not I moved on from it purely because he was safe. Last weekend whilst myself drunk I have been accused (no memory) of telling one of his family friends about the previous situation. I know this was wrong but clearly alcohol was involved and although I thought I was okay drunk me clearly had different ideas and had bu
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