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  1. He’s 27 and I’m 22. He’s the best I’ve ever had and vice versa. I know he hates this situation just as much as I do because he doesn’t like it when I’m stressed or upset. He wants to make me happy just as much as I wanna make him happy. He’s a good man and I stand by that
  2. A lot of the time the pressure comes from me and not him. I want to make him feel good but i understand forcing myself is never a good thing because he’ll be able to tell immediately and he doesn’t want to do anything if I don’t. We both really want to work on this because we don’t want to end things. When we do have sex we are very compatible it’s just figuring out why I can’t get to a starting point.
  3. I don’t know what triggers it. It comes and goes so quickly like flashes. Like it only happens for a few minutes and it’s so slight that sometimes I don’t notice. It does help when there’s a gentleness. When it starts slow with just touching or kissing. But if I’m already overstimulated the kissing can feel claustrophobic. Sometimes if I’m not in the mood and he is hell watch porn and jerk off and watching porn with him gets me in the mood cause I’ll picture us doing it but I don’t want to depend on anything to get in the mood.
  4. Me and my boyfriend have been together for almost two years. We love each other a lot and want to be together but one thing we argue about almost once a month is our sex life. I have a low sex drive, I always have. It’s low enough that I thought I was asexual for a long time and had no interest in sex until I started dating at 20. My boyfriend on the other hand has a high sex drive and is almost always ready to go. Because of this he feels like I’m not attracted to him because we don’t have sex often and because I don’t get horny very often. I’ve told him many times it’s not him it’s me. Somet
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