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  1. We used to do a sport together but I quit the sport.
  2. I do not go to school with him so zero times since then.
  3. My boyfriend (M15) and I (F15) have only been together for a few weeks but he has not texted me in 5 days. We just went out on Valentine's Day and then he said he loved me. We have known each other for a while before we started going out. We texted for a few days after Valentine's day but it felt like I was dragging him along in the conversation and it also felt dry and like he did not really want to talk to me. I started the last conversation and now it has been 5 days, what should I do? I could text him but I am worried that he does not want to talk to me.
  4. I went on a date with this guy that I've known for a while and I am not sure if the date went well. After the date I texted him thank you for the movie. It was fun. He responded with "Yeah I enjoyed it. Thanks for coming" When he asked me out he sent this long paragraph asking me out and he said he would "really like to be with [me]" but since the date, I haven't heard back from him ( I agree I am getting a bit too anxious since it has only been 2 days but idk) So what do you all think?
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