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  1. Luckily I'm getting involved in the music scene out here and that should go a long way. It's just hard getting the depression under control most days, I have a therapist but I can't see a psychiatrist till April and I'm not sure if I want to go back on meds or not.
  2. I barely have any friends because I relocated. I'm not prepared to block on all fronts but I'm gonna try to stop contacting for a period of time.
  3. In larger groups a lot as we had the same hang out spot. More intimate settings a few times before I moved then she moved.
  4. There was a woman I was talking to for a good 6 months that I knew from a few years ago but had moved far away. I was getting the impression we were hitting it off because there were a few romantic gestures that were well received and a lot of conversation. Anyway about a month ago I decided to make it clear how I felt and it seemed to be reciprocated at the time. 2 weeks later via snapchat I had received a text only snap about her wanting to give this guy her number. I asked her about it because it had me a little confused and she said she wasn't aware I wanted a commitment cause of the dista
  5. Thanks! I'm trying to keep a realistic outlook but I'm very excited and nervous.
  6. Thank you so much! I've really already made up my mind about it but just kind of needed some encouragement. I don't even like to take the distance into consideration since I have a plan. I honestly haven't felt like this about anyone in awhile and it's not like we've just been talking non-stop for no reason.
  7. Thank you for the support. I think compared to most long distance relationships this has a fairly solid foundation, my mental health just gets a little rough in winter. I actually could actually relocate pretty easily in about 6 months but I've gotta see if it's something we both want when I go to visit. She actually already told me I should move out there but that was when things were more platonic than they are now.
  8. So I met this woman a few years ago around my hometown because we hung out in some of the same circles. A little bit after I met her I had expressed interest in her but we stayed friends because she had just gotten out of a difficult relationship and wasn't ready for anything. Anyway we'd gotten back in touch about 8 months ago or so and we started really hitting it off. The only thing is after we'd gotten back in contact she wound up moving pretty far away, I'm planning on visiting but I've got a couple months to get prepared. Even though our interactions have been over the phone we've been t
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