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  1. I don't even know how to respond to people who think they know what they're talking about? I don't shove anything wedding related down his throat at all. I don't find that attractive. We mutually talk about wedding stuff. I have no idea who you think I am but I can assure you its not the picture you painted in your head. I obviously got way into my own head over this! It doesn't need to be RIGHT now. i would never pressure or give a man an ultimatum. We've both made it very clear that we want to spend our lives together. Our rental right now is in both names, there's protection there also. I am not with some awful guy who would dip out, and if for some reason he did we've already made plans to get my career started with his support. No I don't need a ring to impress my friends? I could care less how much he spent on it. I want to be married as a family unit. I am lucky to be with a good guy, and I plan on going back to work once our baby is 1. He offered me to stay home and did not force me to work. We've already agreed on me going back to work when our child is age 1. I could explain more on and on. It doesn't make sense with OUR budget right now. we have some things to take care of together [debts, student loans etc] nothing major, but just a smart move to do so before. To think i'd shove diamond rings and etc down his throat? You're talking to a girl who wears $5 earrings from Walmart. I'm far from a princess!
  2. yeah he def wants marriage, too. I think just more in the future for us! which is fine for me. we agreed to work on our communication =)
  3. [ Yeah I definitely agree. I think it’s a great time to talk now. His response was really sweet I just shouldn’t have over thought things, but glad I opened up the window to talk
  4. Errrrrr now he responds...… saying he sees us getting married and id make a wonderful wife and he wishses he could hug me right now. ok
  5. you don't need a fancy ring to marry someone? who cares about an expensive ring that is NOT the principle of marriage. that is NOT what I care about
  6. he was emotionally abusive and threatened me. I wasted 10 years of my life with him from a very young age. that's why my ex and I never got married. Great, so im supposed to be stuck? That's what I feel like! this feels awful
  7. I HAVE NEVER EVER initiated the future talk. I HAVE NEVER joked about marriage. I didn't even see us getting married for a while. THEN he came in with the jokes, comments and hints. nd NO I cant support myself right now. but I have plans to fix that. that's why im SO upset right now he initiated this ALL, and now I decided to talk about it and he IGNORES it
  8. Yes he supports us... None? Then oh well guess I’m never getting married. What am I supposed to do? Stick around d?
  9. Pretty sure him ignoring the marriage part is a red flag. Smh. I feel so dumb. What am I supposed to do? I don't care if we get married RIGHT NOW. but its something I want in the future. and if he isn't sure about it / me.... is it wise to leave
  10. yes. he pays child support. yes I have primary custody. they live with us, I do not work.... no he wants to be together lol but I think the kid is what brought us together iniatlly
  11. we've come a long way. things used to be kinda rough, that's what happens when you get pregnant so quickly. but yeah I def am starting the convo about it. I guess im kinda scared of his response. but if I know that he doesn't see himself marrying me for real, or is unsure it kinda gives me answers to plan for my own future
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