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  1. Thank you so much, @lost and hurt. That is the advice I wish to take. I like the words you used for how I can approach and speak to my husband about how I'm feeling about the marriage. Mentioning the online boyfriends would hurt him at this point, and it's something I am going to stop. Thank you for not being judgmental. I know my behavior over the last months, and especially recently- the sexual exchanges with one of the men- could be grounds for divorce. This gives us a chance to repair it before just throwing 21 years of commitment away.
  2. I'm a married woman with children, and after over 20 years of marriage, my husband with his self employed business that takes up all his time, his lack of romancing, my decreased spark of passion for him, all made me start to crack. This year in 2019, I have had 3 online 'pen pal' relationships with other men, none of them local. All of them I met through the social website Reddit. This site allows people to meet anonymously, then go to a messaging app to correspond further. My first 'pen pal' relationship was a married man, and after 3 months of regular writing to each other, light flirti
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