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  1. Absolutely nothing. Feels f*cking amazing!
  2. There's no single "best way" to learn any language, as everyone prefers different learning methods and everyone has different goals. If your aim is to be able to read the works of Dante, your approach is going to be completely different to someone who wants to chat in colloquial Italian to native speakers. I had a big trip to Italy coming up. To prepare, I used Pimsleur exclusively. I used to work a half hour from my house. On my rides to work, I would listen to a Pimsleur recording. I would repeat the lesson on the ride home. This worked wonderfully, but I made the most progress after I
  3. Very polite people, almost non existent crime, clean air and water around. Whichever city you explore, you wouldn't regret. So if you are a calm person and like places which are serene unlike loud party types, bhutan will not disappoint you.
  4. There are all sorts of downsides to being nomadic. We've met lots of nomadic families who really struggle with this lifestyle. It's definitely not for everyone. Just some of the issues that are difficult: homeschooling as you travel, socializing your kids and yourselves, getting good internet, being sick in a place you don't know well... there are so many more issues but those are the ones that spring to mind first.
  5. I travel solo because I want to be alone, which usually makes me odd (wo)man out. I don't really have much downtime because I make an itinerary of what I want to do, and then go out and do it. If I need five days, I stay there for five days, and then I move to a new location. If i find myself with too much downtime, that just means I am in a location for too long.
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