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  1. I am struggling because my parents have faught my whole life and have caused a lot of PTSD in my life... they are going through their worst time and their energy is so toxic. I don’t have them for support, and I don’t have any siblings and my best friend is my husbands sister. He says if I ever tell his family our business he will leave me. We are supposed to go away with them tomorrow for the holidays. I feel like I don’t have a support system at all. Also I asked him to reverse the roles and he said he doesn’t think he’d have a problem with me doing sexual acts with other men, as long as
  2. Absolutely not I know I can’t do this or deserve this. I am struggling so hard to leave... I love my home, our dog, the things we do together and share. I love our life together, it’s been absolutely beautiful and he shows me a lot of love and affection. That is why this is all so so painful. He has been my best friend for 10 years. How to I even start moving towards separation. He is in law enforcement and threatens me that it will get ugly - I know he will find a way to keep our dog. I am so scared. To start over at 30 and loose this life we have worked hard to build together.
  3. After 10 years of being with my husband, I learned a lot about him these past three days I have just a shock to me. We are 30 years old, no kids. We have what we both have expressed is a lovely life together, we have a healthy sex life, still enjoy doing so many things together and have a home that we are both very thankful for. We love each other’s company and affection. This has been communicated by both of us to each other. two nights ago, hell broke loose. He asked me if he could get a drink with a female friend, one he worked with and whom I’ve only met once. He has expressed that this
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