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  1. A little update... I broke. Once again I had here blocked and deleted on everything, except her phone number which I had unsaved in my phone. She called and I answered. She went onto a tangent on how much she missed me and wanted to see me again... Me being dumb went and hungout with her. We spent the day together. We just hungout, went and got dinner, went shopping, and just spent time together. I broke and we got back into the calling daily routine. I added her back on all forms of social media. Then we hungout again and she went into full blow breakdown on how she regretted brea
  2. Just wang to give everyone an update... I deleted her on everything. A few days after the split she was spending time with someone new. That kind of hurt me because I know this person was pursuing her when we were together but she didn't give him the time of day and would show me when he would message her. Her friends have told me this new person is just because she's emotionally unstable and unavailable, ans she just is doing this because she feels empty and that falsely makes her feel better so she can run from her issues. I kind of understand that. I also ran into her the ot
  3. Too the questions... As to her and her father being close they were extremely close. His passing happened about 5 months before I met Elizabeth. And as to her towards me no one saw it comimg. Even her friends said it was random out of the blue. She talked about me as if I was the greatest guy on earth. But honestly I saw her emotions slowly building to this. She slowly became more emotional (never towards me, just periods of depression). I firmly just believe she isn't in a dating mindset. I told her today I'll always be here for her because of how much counsel I was to
  4. Thanks for the help everyone. I agree with what you all have said. I still firmly believe she is a good person. She just isn't in the right place to date anyone. As she has told me that. I tried the message about me waiting around and it didn't go all to well. She gets mad whenever I bring that stuff up. I think I will just distance myself. While I was with her she showed me signs of depression throughout everything and oftentimes I would spend the night comforting her. I think she just needs time to herself to find out what life is like post everything that happened to her before she can have
  5. So this is an odd one. I'm a 25 year old male. I met Elizabeth (24 y/o female) about 4 months ago. We had known each other in the past, but never really talked. We started talking. We began seeing each other and we took off like wildfire. It almost was like we moved to fast. Up until about three weeks ago it was us together everyday when we were off work, or even it would be just me going over to her house to spend the night after I got off of work. Through the duration of the relationship Elizabeth was rather emotional. She went through a lot this year (loss of a father, and other emotional i
  6. As to questions about the trip we basically went to a remote national forest hiking. The only human contact was between us in the vehicle, and getting gas at a gas station. Thanks for the advice everyone.
  7. Thank you, I kind of was feeling that is a good route just to save myself. In the past I wouldn't have even entertained getting involved with any of this, but I've been on a bad stretch lately in my dating life. I kind of just was grasping at straws lately I guess.
  8. I'm a 24 year old male, three weeks ago I was introduced to a 22 year old female (Carly) from my female friend because she felt we would hit it off of well. My friend had warned though that Carly was recovering from a breakup. Carly and I began talking, and oddly enough we hit it off extremely well. We have hung out together multiple times in the last two weeks and we have a lived very similar life, along with we have a ton of similar interests. The other day we decided to spontaneously go on a trip and left a few hours later. I was a little worried about this because we had probably only s
  9. Thanks for the replies everyone. I appreciate the feedback! I know it's all honest and not sugar coated! The whole ordeal was just kind of throwing me in a loop. I didn't ask for her number or for the Instagram thing she asked and gave it to me. And when I texted her she seemed really happy to hear from me. I showed the texts to a female coworker and she told me she definitely wanted to hangout haha. But what the girl told me holds the true answer! I'll back off 100%. The time it'll take her to get back to a dating state of mind I'm sure is enough time to where I'll probably be with someon
  10. I'm a 24 year old male, a few days ago I met a girl randomly. We had really good conversation and had a ton of similar experiences/traits. As we went our ways she asked me if I had a Instagram, followed me on Instagram and gave me her number without me asking for it. Anyhow I ended up texting her a day later and we had a good, fun conversation. The day after I asked if she would want to meet up sometime for dinner and a couple drinks. Basically she said "Possibly, I recently just got out of a relationship in the last month that was years long and I just am not emotionally ready to
  11. Hello, Recently I just got out of a relationship. I will be out of college for a year come May. My friend who is still in college introduced me to one of her very good friends "Jan". The catch was last September she and her boyfriend of 6 years broke up (first boyfriend). So recently Jan was seeing a guy and they gave been "talking". According to my friend Jan no longer expressed interest for him after a few weeks of knowing waxg other. That is why my friend introduced us to each other. A side note is I know this individual. I would not consider him a friend, but I have had classes with him
  12. Oddly enough I met someone this last week and we have hit it off really well! Funny enough she's taller then me hahaha. We have got lunch, coffee, and I've been by her place so far and it all seems to be going well. In the past with other women I probably would have pulled out by now but I really am enjoying getting to know her and spending time with her.
  13. Definitely I'd agree. That's something I need to stop worrying about. I'm the butt of a lot of jokes between friends and at work, it kind of just became something I got used to hearing about so I just figured that would be how it always is. But I like what you pointed out about people who get to know me. Which I agree, it seems when people get to know me they always seem to appreciate my company. Do you have any advice on how to ignore the height thing? Lately I've just been getting used to making a joke of it.
  14. Hello. I'm 24 years old. I recently moved to a new area after graduating college and starting a new job. In the past I've dated multiple women anywhere from a couple dates to being in two different relationships that lasted over a year. I never really seemed to have an issue meeting women. I have a good job, am told I'm a nice respectful guy, I don't think I'm ugly or anything, but I'm only like 5'5". But that is what it is, some women won't talk to me because of it, for others it's not an issue. I always get asked about why I dont have a girlfriend from friends, family, coworke
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