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  1. I have told her i like her, and she is the one who has told me she doesn't like me in that manner. However i like her and keep allowing her to corss the boundaries of just being friends
  2. I finally put my foot down with a girl I've been talking to for the last 7 months. I posted on here a while ago regarding the situation, and basically it was a lot of mixed signals. We continued to be intimate despite agreeing to just stay friends, we agreed to not be intimate anymore because of confusion, but we ended up having sex 4 more times, with her initiating it every time and me letting it happen. She kept coming back for more and asking me if i was talking to anyone and if i was talking to anyone else/trying to make her jealous. She knows i like her and would continue to find ways to
  3. Long story short, a girl and I were in a pretty confusing situation. We were friends with benefits but as it commonly occurs, it got confusing and we decided to stick with just being friends. We got really close over a short amount of time and ended up hooking up 4 more times after that. After we finally drew the line, she would still continue to cross boundaries. I was going to a party that a couple of her friends were at, and she told me "don't get swooped up by my hot a** friends". Another night, she randomly texted me and asked me if I was talking to anybody trying to make her jealous.
  4. A girl and I met this year. We hung out and hooked up pretty frequently. We agreed to be 'friends with benefits'. We never established any boundaries, but i assumed we were both on the same page. her and I ended up talking all day, every day. Getting to know each other pretty fast, and neither of us realized. I started to like this girl, and still do to this day. She was showing every sign in the book that she wanted to date me. She was calling me her man to her friends, bragging about me, and calling me late at night to talk. We would hangout and not hookup too, we pretty much did everything.
  5. Hello all. I posted on this forum a while ago about a girl who I'm in a weird situation with. We were friends with benefits for a while, hooking up essentially, and a lot. We go to college together, both seniors, and ended up getting really close. She started calling me her man, talking to me about personal stuff, and was telling her friends about me, talking about me a lot. I was confused, so I talked to her. I didn't mind what she was doing, but she was holding me to a relationship standard when we were not officially dating/exclusive. I had started to like her too, and she was acting like s
  6. Hello all, I will try to be brief. Long story short, a girl and I go to college together and are both seniors. We didn't talk or hangout at all until this semester. We hooked up, and agreed to be friends with benefits. Things got confusing. She started sending signals that she was starting to like me, even though we agreed to keep it at friends with benefits. I started to like her too, and I talked to her about it. When I told her i liked her, she said "there are feelings and emotions between us" and that we shouldn't hookup anymore, because she valued how we had grown closer "on a deeper and
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