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  1. It wasn't just casual Rose. He talked about having a life with me. I should have read between the lines for sure! His actions especially the last 3 days says volumes!
  2. I'm hostile over his actions and remarks. I keep thinking there is something there. But losing hope!
  3. We talked about moving in together. All his idea! I just keep thinking that we have something. My eyes are open and it's just so ugly!
  4. I guess I am such a hard head; He is so disrepsoecting me!!! All his feelings are down in his pants!+
  5. Update and it's not good! So this man and I have been trying to work things out. I actually started to get more feelings back. But I found out that he made a sexual comment to a mutual friend of ours. And she took his remark seriously! She has been harassing me over it. I know she is thinking about what she can get out if him. Anyway it came to a ugly confrontation last night between her and I. This morning I told him what happened and that he needs to make it right! He looked me straight in the face and with a very cold look in his eyes to off. This after looking me in the eyes last night and telling me that "I love you baby". He is a psycho. Because only a damn psycho would do something like that straight up!! He's doing nothing to make it right!!
  6. No the same person just with out all of the hurtful remarks and breakups. Ughh
  7. I am willing to try still because he does have some good things about him.
  8. I'm miserable right now because I feel that he robbed him and I of something that could have been really good!. He.seems sorry for everything now that I barely have any feelings left for him. I guess he thinks that I can just turn on a switch and feel like I use too!
  9. I started dating a man who is 71 yrs old and I am 55 yrs old about 2 1/2 months ago. I was crazy about him. I noticed he was very sensitive about his age. But when I looked at him I didn't see age. We slept together about 4 weeks after we started dating. After our first time together he made a comment about how I probably was going to move on because we already had sex. Ughh. Then he started making more hurtful remarks. Just out of no where. He belittled my feelings for him actually the whole time we have been together. Broke up with me 3 times as well. Each time something happened my feelings became less for him. Now I barely have any thing left for him! He has alot of feelings for him though! I know he is hurting. And if I could turn a switch on and still felt all the passion again for him I would. I am feeling so much anxiety and stress that sometimes I just feel numb. I can't even look at him right now because I can't look at him the way that I should. Looking for advice on how to rekindle my passion for him? Any other feedback is welcome too! Thanks!
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