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  1. That was never a question on my part
  2. Well been dating for about 6 months. I knew going in it was not going to be easy. I do feel it could get better with work. I have been away from the situation for a week to think about it so I am starting to see things with some clarity.
  3. My girlfriend and I are kinda doing a long distance thing, well lets be honest we only live about 45 minutes apart. Well our relationship started off great over the summer I would go there she would come here ,we saw each other twice a week some sleep overs some not. Then came school time she has a 17 year old he plays a lot of sports but also has some mental issues. I was invited to the first few events, but I adapted to seeing her once a week because Fridays were his games. Now it's like sometime I wont see he for like two weeks, because as you can imagine life gets in the way sometimes. I addressed it with her and she assured me there was no problems with us and it will get better once he is in college which is roughly a year. I have met all her friends and kids and most of her family so I think her intentions are good Now lets get to the following week. I know she had a stressful week with her son going off his meds, But Friday came, and it was really are only day together, and she chose to relax and sleep, which I was pissed but kind of understood because she has a couple stressful days with him. Now the following week she cancels our plans for Friday that afternoon to go out with her daughter and friends drinking and asked me If she can come over Saturday instead. See nothing is smooth with her we just cant make a plan without some sort of drama. I was so pissed I ended it. I know not the best way to handle it, but i'm working on it. On one hand I feel awful and think I overreacted on the other hand I just dont feel like she is putting in much effort. I mean she texts me everyday and we talk through the day but in some cases we dont see each other for weeks. I really still like her but dont know if I should just move on or push forward with this relationship. I am a pretty independent guy but if I never see her I might as well be single...
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