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  1. You're right. And that's why I was hoping the suggestions would be less inquisitive... We've never been like that. We still don't even fart in front of each other. (I know it's a lame example but you get it.) I agree I'm always going to learn more about him...I just don't know if HE'S ready for me to know. Like saying him doing it in bed next to me was an invitation...I think he was just being careless. He's very prideful and emotional and I just don't see this conversation going well. I just wanted to see how crazy other people thought it was and honestly to get it off my chest.
  2. This is literally the second time I've experienced it. And now who's trolling?
  3. It wasn't the actual act. It was the idea that there was more to him than missionary before bed sex, regardless of the direction. I honestly did not expect so much judgement from an online forum though I understand why. The reason I put this here is because I cannot imagine telling any human I know personally. He's very private. Very quiet. We've had numerous fights over his complete lack of communication and expression. But I figured that's just who he was. And I'm mostly okay with it. I over share and have no shame. I don't expect everyone to be like that. I honestly don't car
  4. This is not a troll post. I've gotten the answers I wanted. My choices were to bring it up or not. Lol. You ever experience something so incredibly outlandish that you can't help but laugh or else you might cry? That's where I'm at. I don't expect you to understand the dynamic of our relationship considering minimal details were given. I feel like I'm IN a bad porn story, not the author. I literally would have never even been able to imagine something like this happening, let alone experience it. And the cursing? Well, it's a sex themed forum. I didn't know it would be consi
  5. Well. I decided I wouldn't bring it up and try another night to see what the hell was going on. I don't use my sex toys often. But I've has this glow in the dark glass dildo in a drawer somewhere for god knows how long. Tonight I'm not so sure I'm not crazy because I was pretending to be asleep (I even snored a bit for dramatic effect lol) AND TELL ME WHY I SAW SOMETHING GLOWING IN THE DARK. BUT THIS TIME IT WASN'T BY HIS FACE. I don't even know what to ing do. What if he denies it? Can I really just lay here at night (regardless of getting off or not) and NOT say anything? It's j
  6. Sometimes I would wonder but I've seen the porn he watches in private and it's all girls. And I find sucking to be super hot. Sometimes that's how I get off. But I can see how maybe being a straight male doing it would be strange. I thoroughly enjoy the voyeurism part of it absolutely! But it makes me wonder what else I'm missing out on that I haven't caught him doing. Lol
  7. The best part is it wasn't my toy. I don't know why he wouldn't just bring it up. I'm not shy and he knows I'm down for whatever. :/
  8. If I was dreaming then it was a pretty realistic dream. Lmao. He's 30 and I'm 31. We do have sex. He's pretty quick to finish and over the years that combined with some pretty serious self consciousness on his part he just assumes he's disappointing me every time. I've tried to reassure him that just having sex no matter how long or the end result is enough for me. I know he's not participating in any real life stuff without me.
  9. The fights were over frequency and expectations of sex. But I realized we just have very different sex drives. He's lazy. I can't finish from penetration and it stresses me out when he tries for too long when I'd rather just do it myself and just enjoy the process. It's both of our fault. So we do what we can.
  10. I really agree with this notion. My inner overactive girlfriend wants to call him out. The sexual side wants to continue to spy.
  11. Yeah I guess not. I wish I did. We probably wouldn't have fought so much about sex over the years. Lol
  12. I just feel like he would be so worried what I think regardless of how I actually feel. Honestly part of what made it so hot was the fact that he didn't know I knew. But he's pretty vanilla sex wise so if he's got other stuff going on I definitely want to indulge with him.
  13. So long story short I caught my boyfriend using a dildo in bed while he thought I was asleep. I honestly was so shocked I just laid there pretending to be asleep. He wasn't using it for penetration either...he was deep throating it? Now. I must say. After 7 years of being together and me being super sexual and always trying to get him to open up...let me tell you this was a HUGE TURN ON FOR ME. But I don't know what to do now. I can't bring it up...I feel like he would be beyond embarrassed... he's super sensitive. But how am I supposed to live with a secret like this?!?
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