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  1. I have been with my spouse for 5 years we have been through serious life situations together. in the past 2 years he has been caught several times talking to other females.he started acting different changing passwords being secretive and he has started to ignore me complete..... he now has made friends with some people that I am not allowed to know m he goes over to their house almost every day and is gone for hours.. he says dim not invited to go with him I cant even know where the people live because he has his friends and i dont have to know everything. he is always saying that Im always up his ass when I am not I tried to talk to him about these things and he never in 5 years has cared enough to just listen. i try to explain to him that when you live with somebody that yes your around that person a lot, and just because we are in the same hose together that if he is always non stop on his phone ignoring me then thats not use spending time together he disagrees.... to shorten this up this is over isnt it..... I should let him be and go on shouldn't I?
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