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  1. Well he did reply to me on Thursday in the end, I just get panicky and overthink everything. We’ve had a couple of longish text conversations since then. Hopefully meeting for lunch next Monday but he’s really busy with it being Christmas so trying to organise anything at the weekend is proving impossible so it’ll most likely be after Christmas before we get any proper length of time together. I will ask him about the partner situation when I next see him as I think it’s something better discussed face to face. I don’t find text message conversations that great, it’s easy to ignore thin
  2. Well we met up again last Friday. Just at lunchtime again but I thought it went well, we both felt much more relaxed this time and had lots to talk about. We hugged goodbye and as I walked away he said he’d see me soon. We messaged a few times after, he said the meet up this time was much better than the last time. I haven’t heard anything from him since Sunday though so no idea what’s going on! I sent him a message on Tuesday just asking how his week was going and he hasn’t replied, it’s odd as he’s not gone so long without messaging me since we’ve been back in contact. We were just chattin
  3. My ex husband and I separated five years ago. It was a really difficult break up for both us. We were 18 when we got together and were together for ten years, married for five. We broke up because my ex was immature and not ready for commitment, he wanted to be out all the time drinking and being with other women but always expected me to be waiting for him and I eventually had enough. He was always on my mind though and I’d been thinking about getting in touch on and off. Three months ago I sent him an email, he replied a couple of hours later. After a few emails we exchanged numbers and h
  4. I split up with my ex husband five years ago, we were both young and he wasn’t ready for commitment. He needed to mature and we both needed to find out who we were. I’ve always thought about him but was scared to get in touch in case it was the wrong thing to do. A couple of months ago I finally got the courage up though. I sent him an email and he replied to me within a few hours. We then exchanged numbers and have been messaging pretty much every day for the past couple of the months. We met up for the first time last week, it was only a quick coffee as he was on his lunch break. It went
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